Monkey Business

I’ve made reference in some previous posts to the characters known as the Grimble Gang. This is a concept I developed after my first video shoot with Sativa Verte. I was looking to try something different, and also come up with a way that an actress in a solo performance could still play off an antagonist. What I had in mind was something like the comic strip Liberty Meadows, which featured a beautiful woman cast alongside a bunch of sarcastic, wise-cracking barnyard animals.

Now the idea of creating scenes with human actors interacting with animated characters is nothing new. It’s been done from Mary Poppins to Roger Rabbit, and perhaps more analogous to this situation, the Muppet Show. For my purposes, I was going to use stuffed animals to stand in as extras, and give them dialogue through the use of title cards. These wouldn’t be cutesy Disney-style characters, but mischievous little guys thinking up ways to undress pretty women.

I pitched the idea to members of my old newsgroup back in November of 2007. After some interest was expressed, the name “Grimble Gang” was suggested by J.J. Thommas who has his own line of internet comics done with the Poser illustrator program. I already had the lead character planned, a monkey wearing sunglasses with a bit of a chauvinist attitude. Soon to be joined by his buddies, the name “Grimble Gang” just seemed to fit.

The first time I rolled out this concept was in the video appropriately titled, “Monkey Business”, which I shot with Sativa in December of 2007. The story had Miss Verte as an office executive waiting for the accountant to arrive to help her with the books. But when Bananas shows up instead, she mistakes him for the accountant. She is caught off guard when he pulls out a gun, seeming intent on robbing the office.

Of course, Bananas is only going to have a little fun at our heroine’s expense, and he makes her undress completely. This is all done as sort of a vaudeville comic fantasy, and the big joke being that the pistol Bananas was using is actually a water gun.  The video was put together silent film style, and has full music soundtrack by Sergie Rachmaninoff and his piano concerto No. 2.

Sativa’s personality and natural acting ability made her ideal for this type of video, and we would explore this concept in two more productions. Besides the humor aspect, Sativa looks both truly cute and gorgeous, especially running through the office stark naked. In other words, she does sexy and funny near flawlessly. Monkey Business runs about 15 minutes, and can be found at my Clips4Sale store.

Below is a link to download a rare clip of extras I had made from this video session, including Sativa ironing her shirt on a filing cabinet and capturing some adorable poses.

Monkey Business Extras

“Lauren and Jessie”

Lauren and Jessie are fictional characters created by Internet writer Jenna Burlinski. She came up with the idea of an attractive but curvy Hispanic young woman, who would be put through all sorts of embarrassing situations by her friend from college, Jessie. The reason for this is that Jessie accuses Lauren of stealing her boyfriend, and now it is a matter of revenge. Jessie herself is a fit athletic type and often uses this to flaunt and embarrass Lauren.

When Jenna first started to write about these characters last summer, I decided to take a stab at producing a video inspired by this theme. In September, I booked Tara Rose and Lydia Lael for their second video with me, Cheerleader, and cast them in the parts of Lauren and Jessie. However, while excellent performances were given by both actresses, it wasn’t really a strict interpretation of the characters. Lydia and Tara put their own inimitable style on that production.

For the video I shot in March, a new script was written that picks up with Lauren already experiencing the schemes of Jessie. However, things are about to get even more interesting as the taller brunette girl has new ideas for our curvy Latina. And Jessie is going to lay down a new code of conduct.

Some more background information about Lauren and Jessie can be found from this interactive story at the link below. While Jenna starts things off, other authors have taken different threads and run with it.

Lauren and Jessie 

Kerri Taylor

Kerri has been gracing photographs and video for several years now. She is another stunningly gorgeous brunette, with a bit of an edge as well. I had first seen her posing for Dragon Fire photography, and later she was in Seph’s Pretty Pranks DVD. She also did a wonderful solo piece with DFP about agreeing to be part of a reality-based television program, only not realizing the cameras were rolling as she went about her daily household activities. I loved that one. She has been in many other videos from DFP Productions.

For the past year or so, Kerri and I have been trying to coordinate our schedules to do a video. But one thing or another always seemed to come up, or I would start working with a new model and not have the chance to follow up with her.

When I put out my casting call in March 2012, looking for a fit athletic brunette to play the dominating role as a foil to another more shy and embarrassed model, Kerri responded, and I knew she was perfect. In fact, I found myself thinking, “Why didn’t I contact her in the first place?” So finally, we were able to make it happen, and introduce Kerri in a Narrow-minded Productions video.

I have to say, she is just as beautiful in person as she is in still images and motion pictures. Furthermore, she really gets into the part she is playing. She took an interest in the script and showed great enthusiasm. Kerri, as the more experienced of the two, helped carry the production when I teamed her up with Aphrodite.

Below are some photos I took with Kerri. The last two are not from the video, but extras taken at the end of the shoot. In the video, her character does not take off her clothes. But having her on the set, I could not let slip an opportunity to film some bonus material. The middle picture is just pure class and elegance.


Born in Brooklyn and raised in Greece, Aphrodite (the model, not the goddess) contacted me in response to a casting call I placed early in March 2012. I had a very specific look in mind for my new video, which would be following a script based on two fictional characters. The part called for a college-aged full-figured or curvy Latina. I was impressed by her portfolio pictures and we started communicating about the video concept. There were a few other models interested, but in the end I decided Aphrodite was the one I wanted to work with.

In discussing the script, she had expressed a certain level of comfort with nudity. I did not push her on the subject as this would be our first time working together. But during the shoot, perhaps out of nervousness in front of a more experienced model, she acted genuinely shy and hesitant. Of course, that was perfect for the character she was playing. But I did have an “uh-oh” moment, wondering if she would back down from removing all her clothes.

There was a progression of growing at ease, as Aphrodite first used a pillow to cover up. The slow resignation to her nudity also fit the storyline. By the end of the video, the young woman runs completely bare outside and down the driveway. It was a statisfying sight to behold.

Aphrodite has appeared in the following videos:

The Rules

Anatomy of a Dare

Below are some photos I took from the shoot, which feature Aphrodite along with Kerri Taylor.

Video Shoot

Hey everyone,

I just wrapped up a video shoot today, which will feature two models never seen in a Narrow-minded Productions title.

For the first time, I was finally able to get to work with Kerri Taylor. She has done a lot of work with Seph over at DFP Productions. She is very experienced and a joy to watch in front of the camera. I was grateful to have her as part of this project.

The other young lady is a model of greek and mostly hispanic background. She has never done this type of video before and this is the first time she went completely naked for a photographer. That is always exciting for me, and makes her performance kind of special. We are not sure yet if she is comfortable using her real name, so for now, we will call her Aphrodite. I would describe her as a shorter, more curvy version of Suzann from The Job Interview.

I know this is a bit of a tease, but I will have some still photos from the shoot posted by tomorrow. Following the format of my posts since starting this blog, I will make two new entries in the model section for Aphrodite and Kerri, and post the pictures there accordingly.

Stay tuned!

Quote of the Day

“I think everybody’s a little desperate on Christmas Eve.”

~Jordana Leigh in, Holiday Hotline

Most of the dialogue by Jordana was adlibbed and improvised in this video. She also had the challenge of pretending to be engaged in a conversation with a customer on the other end of the phone. I thought this line was amusing, as she delivered it just before agreeing to sell the bra she was wearing, and ultimately all the rest of her clothes.

The desperation worked two ways, both for the customer who needed some last minute purchases, and for Jordana who had a bonus incentive to meet a certain number of sales. Jordan’s facial expressions, sometimes showing bewilderment or sometimes disbelief, were wonderful.

Jordana Leigh

I became familiar with the work of Jordana Leigh when I originally saw her in the DVD “Pretty Pranks” by DFP Productions. Later in 2009, she contacted me about the possibility of working on a project together. We were finally able to coordinate our schedules to do our first shoot in October. Jordan would go on to appear in the following productions:

Trick or Treat 2

Holiday Hotline

All or Nothing

Since we started in October, it seemed logical to cast her in a Halloween-themed video. However, she had some pretty big shoes to fill as I was looking to make a sequel to the Halloween video, which I had produced one year earlier with Sativa Verte, “Trick or Treat”. Jordana was more than up to the task.

These were some of my silly and cartoonish storylines featuring the Grimble Gang characters. I knew it took a special kind of actress to understand the concept, and Jordana fit right in. She has a good sense of humor, is a lot of fun to work with, and always gives a solid performance. We followed up with another holiday-themed production, and then I cast her in a non-nude role as the game show host. Jordana is very talented, and her videos are definitely worth checking out.