An Introduction

The intention of Narrow-minded Productions is to create high quality independent films that can be described as artistic, sensual, exciting, and fun.

I have always believed that the most beautiful creation on this earth is the female body. Therefore, these productions are meant to be a celebration of that form. Inspiration is drawn from innumerable, talented writers and artists who have weaved tales about women losing their clothes in entertaining situations. These stories are light-hearted and my videos follow a similar, sometimes cartoonish approach to the characters and developments in which they find themselves.

I also appreciate the beauty of good music, which also has its own sublime form and way of evoking emotions. My videos feature classical soundtracks, and the emblem of Narrow-minded Productions has become the violin. Not only to represent this musical foundation, but the curve of the violin or viola or cello, has been likened to the curves of the female figure. Such instruments posses delightful shape in body, including the guitar.

Music must be infused with passion, and for that reason, many of my productions finish with a hard-hitting track of rock or metal. It is my way of putting an exclamation point at the close of a wild and exhilarating experience.

I invite everyone to join in following the look back at the visual creations of Narrow-minded Productions, and enjoy the new titles that will be shared here in the future.

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