Babysitting Without a Net

Babysitting Without a Net

It all started when I conceived of the idea to produce a film based on the collection of stories about Ann the Hapless Babysitter, written by Jailbait. To be fair, I must mention that there was another Ann Berrybush movie in the works. However, I had determined that I wanted to see a production that would meet the standards of this genre.

For more background information about the character of Ann Berrybush and her history, check out this site:

Ann Berrybush’s Classroom

At the end of 2004, I started work on the initial screenplay. To avoid any conflict with the other movie, I called the title character Laura-Ann. Also, I was specifically working off the Babysitting stories, which introduced the delightful characters Amy and Louise. I already had the script structure in place, starting with the first time Amy and Louise have fun at Laura-Ann’s expense, and culminating with the Babysitter’s first day as a new teacher.

In January of 2005, I hooked up with a director, Bennet Stein, and together we worked on fine-tuning the script. It was here that I added the cookie-baking scene to broaden the production and give one part of the story a night time context.

By March, we were ready for casting, which was done in Santa Monica, California. We saw over fifty aspiring young actresses for the parts of Amy and Louise, and about a dozen to consider for Laura-Ann. Eventually, after two rounds of call-backs, we decided on Yara McClay for Amy; Elise Ivy as Louise; and the irrepressible Monica Himmelheber as Laura-Ann.

We then hired our cinematographer, Jordan Valenti, and went about assembling the rest of the crew. This would be a large scale production for someone who had never done anything in the entertainment industry before. All told, we had over thirty people involved, including camera, lighting and electrical crew, set designers, production assistants, hair and make-up. This all had to be catered for as well as providing travel and lodging accommodations.

The principle photography was shot for 5 days during the first week of May, 2005, in Southamton on Long Island. Then we shot the final classroom scene on May 22, out in Los Angeles.

Post production was started and continued throughout the summer.  At the end of September, I had a final cut and was able to distribute on DVD, beginning October 1, 2005.

There was a director’s cut made called “Nude Descending a Staircase”, which was the first 15 minutes of the film. This was entered into several independent film festivals in 2006. However, the real magnitude of this production can only be appreciated in the full film, which launched Narrow-minded Productions. Babysitting Without a Net has been seen all over the United States, Canada, and across Europe; even as far as Australia. The DVD can be purchased at the film website and is also available to download in three parts at my clips4sale store site.

For those who have not yet seen the film, you can download a preview clip at the link below. This pretty much captures the essence of what Narrow-minded Productions is all about, and what I hope to achieve in all my films.

Babysitting Without a Net Preview Clip


8 responses to “Babysitting Without a Net

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  2. Still the finest example of the genre.

    The one regrettable circumstance seems to have been the loss of the other ‘Ann the hapless babysitter’ movie. Once BWON was released it seem to have intimidated the other producer from finishing for fear of releasing an inferior film.

  3. I did speak to Scott, the producer “Ann Berrybush: A New Voice of Reason” back then. He was very supportive. From what I recall, he ran into some problems with his director, which led to not being able to complete the film to his satisfaction. If I’m not mistaken, he then got involved with another film project non-related to the genre, and that was the last I heard.

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  7. I have to ask, Why do Amy and Louise get Laura-Ann Naked at every opportunity, even outside her house. Also, did they throw away Laura-Ann’s clothes as soon as they left the class and just let the clock run down till the first bell?

    Also, I love Laura-Ann’s butt and loved it every time it was on screen. You really should make a spin-off, if not a sequel.

  8. Laura-Ann looks so cute whenever she covers herself. It’s a smart grown woman being defeated by two “teenagers”.

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