Sativa Verte

I began working with Sativa Verte in September of 2007. Over the course of a year, we would produce a total of six videos. These are listed as follows:

The Wine Tasting

Monkey Business

Salad Au Natural

The Little Lost Mermaid

Nice Girls Finish Last

Trick or Treat

And starting again in 2012…

Mystery Shopper

Miss Me Yet?

Bare in the Park

Sativa brings a special set of qualities to each production. Besides being the most gorgeous model/actress I have ever worked with, she is also funny and has a quick wit and most importantly, a sense of humor. She understood the light-hearted nature of the videos we were making, and was fantastic at adapting to a situation, taking direction, and then running with it. I think she excelled at physical comedy, with perfect facial expressions and body language. Sativa is also very professional, and a pleasure to have on any project.

The following link is a file to download for a rare Preview Clip I put together from the first video I worked on with Sativa, “The Wine Tasting”. I assembled a scene from the video with a special soundtrack, and had experimented with some of the color settings in Windows Movie Maker. This is called “The Umbrella Waltz”.

Sativa Preview Clip

11 responses to “Sativa Verte

  1. I loved watching Sativa, thankfully you have found good replacements like Amy, Tara and Lydia. If Sativa ever returned, I have no doubt there would be a lot of celebrations among your fans.

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