The Narrow-minded Productions Business Model

No, I’m not talking about an attractive, sexy young woman holding up DVDs at a tradeshow booth. Rather, I wanted to write up something about how I have established this production company, and what will be the role of this blog.

Narrow-minded Productions was formed in January, 2005. The purpose was to produce the film “Babysitting Without a Net”, and bring the DVD to market for distribution. It was received very well and with much interest in the first month of its release, October 2005. The next month was good, but not the same pace. By December, I realized that I could not continue to go around websites and forums, promoting this one title. I needed new content.

I had picked up a Hi-8 SONY handi-cam previously, and decided to try my hand a creating my own little shorter, smaller-scale videos. In December, I booked a couple of session with different models, and shot some material. These were basically just running through some scenarios where she would be embarrassed losing her clothes, or naked in front of an imaginary audience. In the back of my head, I thought maybe I could put these on DVD and start marketing this as well. But I wasn’t entirely happy with how they turned out, the camera-work was shaky and uneven, and there was no formal story structure.

Later in 2006, I was comfortable enough to share these clips, and came upon the idea of posting the files on the One Click Chicks forums. These were the early videos with Melissa and Karen. People seemed to enjoy them, and at the same time, this enabled me to keep my link to “Babysitting Without a Net” visible. So my thought was to shoot some more video clips and share them, hoping that people would continue to purchase the DVD of my film.

At the time, I had access to a very professional business suite. I booked another shoot with a new model named Suzann, who happened to be a beautiful but genuinely shy girl. This, in combination with the new location, seemed to have exciting possibilities. The shoot was more structured, and followed the idea of her being interviewed for an attractive position, with the catch that she had to work in the nude. This would ultimately become my video “The Job Interview”.

But again, in 2006, I was sharing these clips with the intention of keeping myself relevant for the promotion of my film. I booked a second shoot with Suzann, and then in December, worked with a model willing to do full nudity, Jade Indica. Our first video was a start to finish story about a secretary who is bored while working over the holiday weekend, and takes off her clothes to deliver a report, just for fun. But then she returns to find her clothes missing. This was my video “Weekend at the Office”.

I did a follow-up shoot bringing Jade and Suzann together, which seemed like the natural thing to do. With the positive, and constructive, feedback I was receiving, I was determined to keep putting out these “Narrow-minded Video Clips”. In June, I started to use a new location, which was a private home with an indoor pool, tennis court, and spacious downstairs office area. I shot with two new different models, and officially started using Windows Movie Maker for editing software, creating titles and adding a music soundtrack. These simple videos were becoming more professional, and I still shared them the people who had supported and followed Narrow-minded Productions.

And then in September of 2007, I booked a shoot with Sativa Verte. The first video, “The Wine Tasting”, was still simple but wonderful, showcasing her beauty and natural talent for this type of work. It was not long afterward that I decided to put four of these short videos I had been recently making onto a compilation DVD. Thus was created, “Narrow-minded Collections”, which I was able to market and distribute along with my first film.

From the earliest, I knew there were a lot of people who wanted to download this content, rather than purchase a DVD. For a long time, I struggled with how to include digital download as an option. I went into 2008, continuing to work with Sativa Verte, and now having 2 DVDs to promote. It was in October of that year, after my success with Sativa, I decided to open a Clips4Sale store. I would later add “Babysitting Without a Net” to the store in the summer of 2009, and orders skyrocketed.

Up until this point, I had been sharing the other video files with the community of viewers who enjoyed this genre. Now that I was going commercial with these videos, I could not leave free copies available. But I did not want to abandon the distribution lines I had set up.

And that brings me to where I am today. When I finish a new production, I release the video exclusively to members of One Click Chicks, and subscribers of Narrow-minded Productions, for a limited time. Typically, the links to download videos are available for one week. After that, the video is uploaded to my Clips4Sale store, and can then only be purchased. This practice will continue, with the links posted on this blog in the future, which will be active for only a limited time.

There have been and will continue to be many free samples always available, such as highlights, outtakes, and special promotional clips. But I would encourage folks to subscribe to this blog to keep up to date about new releases, when you can download the video for free. And as always, my most sincere gratitude is for everyone who has helped support Narrow-minded Productions over the years, and enjoyed these videos.

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