First Day at a New School

When I had the opportunity to shoot a short film at an actual classroom location, which I booked through a small local business college, I was very excited. Earlier this year in January, I was contacted by Briella Jaden, who I had worked with previously. She was going to be working in my area, however she was traveling with another model, Kylee Rain. Kylee is a lovely, but older woman, and I thought the perfect roles to cast her and Briella would be as student and teacher.

I put together a script that involved Briella as a transfer student to a new school. Kylee would be a strict disciplinarian who enforces the school policies, including student uniforms. However, Briella is transferred before she receives her new uniform. Her teacher is unimpressed with the outfit she wore to class, and insists that she strip down in front of the other students, and wait to borrow another uniform. When the school office is unable to help, Briella must sit through her lessons, and even participate, completely bare.

“First Day at a New School” opens with a piano piece, Prelude in C Major by J.S. Bach. Throughout the video, I edited in ambient sound files for the other students in the classroom. There is off-camera whispering, snickering, laughing and more as they react to Briella’s unbelievable fortune and her eventual embarrassing exit.

Here is a video clip that can be downloaded, for the outtakes from the shoot. It will be seen that Briella is quite shy at times, when she is worried about getting caught at the location.

First Day at a New School – Outtakes

Released in February 2012, the full video is approximately 15 minutes, and is available in 2 parts at my Clips4Sale store.

8 responses to “First Day at a New School

  1. I think you’ve shown a lot of generosity to your fans in the past, and this is probably part of the reason your fans have given you such generous reviews in return. However, now that you are seriously ramping up your efforts to profit from your movies, I think your reviews need to be more honest as well, and the fact is that “First Day At a New School” is painful to watch.

    I could focus on the “medium problems” like the fact that Briella’s classmates are invisible and that they don’t react to her taking off her clothes. I could even dwell on “small problems” like the improbability of writing “biochemical” on the board or the implausibility of a high school student having so many tattoos.

    But forget all that. How about if we instead talk about the fact that, even after years of filmmaking, you have made no progress in terms of such basic concepts as “preparing a script versus thinking of a vague idea and then having some people stand around looking blank and confused” or “filming a complete scene versus gluing together a bunch of random chunks.”

    You can censor this if you want, but I think you know as well as I do that if your videos didn’t include beautiful naked women, no one would buy them.

    • Thank you for taking the time to write! I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy “First Day at a New School”. Fortunately, there are lots of other videos that appeal to different people’s tastes. If you are looking for something more technically brilliant, there is always “Babysitting Without a Net”.

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