Lydia Lael

I first started working with Lydia Lael in June of 2011. She was paired along with Tara Rose, the two of them quickly becoming a dynamic duo on the screen. The videos with Lydia include the following:

Jenna at the Beach


Office Help

To Catch a Thief

Lydia brings a ton of energy to each production, with near perfect comedic timing and really is a bundle of fun.  In the first two videos, Lyida played more of an antagonistic and instigating role, delighting in pranks and hijinks played on Tara’s characters. But in “Office Help”, I reversed the roles and Lydia played the bumbling assistant to Tara’s more dead-pan routine. Here, Lydia’s gift for comedy and natural acting ability truly shines.

Here is a preview clip from “Jenna at the Beach”, featuring a sample of Lydia’s performance.

Jenna at the Beach – Preview

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