Office Help

This was the third video I produced featuring the combined talents of Lydia Lael and Tara Rose. In the first two, I cast Tara as more of the “victim”, being the first one stripped at the hands of her friend or nemesis. For “Office Help”, I decided to switch the roles around, putting Tara in more of a dominant role, and Lydia as the well-meaning but hapless assistant. The result was an inspired performance by both ladies, and a very entertaining viewing experience.

Lydia plays an eager office assistant, just starting in the position, to Miss Tara, a young executive. Poor Lydia runs through a series of episodes involving wardrobe malfunctions with the office equipment. This continues until Lydia is nude, much to the disbelief of Miss Tara. But then Lydia takes her boss around, showing step by step exactly what happened. Unfortunately, the problem is only exasperated as Tara loses her outfit as well, leaving both ladies in a bit of a situation.

Opening with Antonio Vivaldi’s “Winter” from The Four Seasons, the classical strings are weaved throughout the video. We shot this at the end of December, so I thought this music selection appropriate.

The following link is to download the outtakes and behind the scenes clip:

Office Help – Outtakes

Released in January of 2012, the full video is just over 23 minutes and had to be split into three parts. These are available at my Clips4Sale store.

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