Tara Rose

In June of 2011, I was contacted by Tara Rose, who went on to inform me she was friends with Lydia Lael. I booked them for a shoot, and it turned out to be a great pleasure having two model/actresses who know each other and are comfortable working together. The productions featuring Tara include:

Jenna at the Beach


Office Help

To Catch a Thief

In the first couple of videos, I had cast Tara as more of an introvert, shy and awkward and easily embarrassed. However, for “Office Help”, I put her in more of a position of authority and I believe it was one of her finest acting performances. This allowed her to play the “straight man”, such as Abbot to Lydia’s Costello. That is a comparison, which has been made by more than one viewer.

Tara is a lovely young woman, with dark reddish hair. She has a tattoo just above her breast in the shape of a cupcake. It might be a little distracting at first, but I find it is soon overlooked and the rest of her assets can be appreciated. She is also very professional, delightful to work with, and a good sport for putting up with some of the things that happened to her characters!

Here is a link for the special Holiday promotion clip I made with Tara and Lydia at the end of December. This actually kind of showcases their two personalities, with Lydia being playful and silly, and Tara trying to ward off her advances, before surrendering with a sigh of resignation.

Happy Holidays 2011

7 responses to “Tara Rose

  1. Didn’t realize they were actually friends, that is rather nice. I do enjoy Rose and Lydia as a combo and by themselves, though have a slight preference for Rose. Probably due to the characters she plays.

    • Tara and Lydia are a nice contrast in personalities, which compliment each other well, I think. Tara is more down to earth, while Lydia is more… bombastic? Anyway, I have a personal preference for brunettes, so I’m with you on Miss Rose.

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  4. Hi Helmhood, will Tara Rose be making another appearance in the future? Would she always be joined with Lydia or maybe just on her own?

    • Hi Neil,

      I have always thought it would be interesting to do a video focused just on Tara. She’s great. It’s just that from the start, teaming her up with Lydia, made some great videos so I kept using them together.

      But, yes, I would like to work with Tara again and even bring her back for a solo performance.

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