The Job Interview

I wanted to go back a little and take a look at one of the earliest videos I shot, in 2006. By October, I was getting my feet on the ground again, one year after producing my first independent film. I booked a session with a young woman named Suzann who responded to a classified ad I placed on of all things!

Suzann was an aspiring model, but instinctively shy about showing any nudity. In fact I was not even sure how far she would go. I was surprised when she did agree to take off all her clothes, as long as she kept herself covered with arms and hands, or other objects. This shoot was a lot of fun, watching her reactions and seeing what Suzann would be willing to do.

I came up with a basic premise to start out with. She was hired for a high paying corporate position. As she is going through the interview process, she is given reasons why she must remove each article of clothing, which her character reluctantly agrees to do. Beyond this, I took the opportunity to capture some great moments of Hidden Nudity with Suzann. It’s a bit of a tease, but I think these kinds of scenes still have an enjoyable vibe.

I should mention that it was the first time I used this particular office location, as I had access after hours. Over the next year or so, I would shoot here with different models, including Jade Indica and Sativa Verte.

In 2008, as I was starting up my Clips4Sale store, I revisited this footage and put it together in a more coherent storyline. Also, I took out the spoken voices and added a full classical music soundtrack. Suzann’s lines of dialogue, and those from her “boss”, were presented on title cards. This “Silent Movie” style would be the format for several of my videos at the beginning. One advantage was, I did not have to worry about any background noise caught on camera, since the video volume was replaced entirely by the music.

This production would become known as “The Job Interview”, a showcase of the lovely Suzann featuring extensive, playful hidden nudity.

I would like to take a moment to talk about the designation of camera and software I started out using, and how it would eventually evolve. Back in 2006, I was shooting on a SONY Hi-8 handy-cam that used cassette tapes. That’s right, cassette tapes. I would have to plug the camera directly to a TV using A/V cables. The quality of the video from the camera playing on a television was actually pretty good. But in order to work with the video for editing, I had to first record it to a DVD.

From there, I would take the DVD to my computer and convert to an .mpeg format, in 2 minute chunks. These were the files I imported to Windows Movie Maker. It was a tedious and time consuming process, and the transition from tape to DVD to .mpeg and ultimately to .wmv led to some loss of video quality.

Finally, in 2010, I picked up a SONY HD camera, which was digital and I could plug directly into my computer. The only problem was that the camera created .mpeg4 files which was just a bit too advanced for Windows Movie Maker. So I still had to convert back to regular .mpeg files before I could start assembling the video.

And then in 2011, I upgraded to Windows Live Movie Maker. I may have my issues with some of its features, but it at least allows me to import the mpeg4 files straight from the camera into the software, which is sweet. Working with the actual video that is recorded in HD yields the sharpest visual finish I have achieved to date.

Below is a clip I put together from the raw, unedited video I had when I worked with Suzann in 2006. You can see her genuine shyness, and yet she was willing to go along with my ideas for the shoot.

The Job Interview – Unedited Clip

I would have a follow up shoot with Suzann at the same location, and later on used this material to create “The Job Interview – Part 2”. Both videos are available at my Clips4Sale store.

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    • You’re right. Suzann was very conscious about trying not to show anything and keeping herself covered. This is very rare among the models I usually work with, and resulted in an authentic ENF situation.

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