The Wine Tasting

In September of 2007, I had a magical experience of working with Sativa Verte for the first time. I had been shooting at this one location, a building with professional office suites, for some time now. It was a pleasant Saturday morning, a little rain earlier and then clearing up to be beautiful and sunny. That also pretty much describes Sativa’s personality. We had the whole building to ourselves, or at least so it seemed. No one else was around.

The concept I had was for a video called “The Wine Tasting”. Inspired by an Italian comedy “The Sensuous Nurse”. That movie from 1975, had one scene where the maid desperately wants a guy to keep pouring her glasses of wine. But for each glass, she must remove an article of clothing.

In “The Wine Tasting”, Sativa arrives at the title event and samples a particularly delicious bottle. However, she then notices a box across from the table, with instructions that a donation is to be left for each glass she samples. Obviously, this was for a charity. But Sativa did not bring any money with her! Undaunted, the attractive young woman does want to continue to sample another glass. First she simply removes her shoes, dropping them in the box. Then, after some consideration, she pulls her panties from under her dress.

Her character is revealed as a bit of an upper-class socialite following her third glass, and she is reluctant to part with her diamonds and jewelry. So upon thinking about it some more, and making sure it is safe, she finally removes her dress.

Featuring a complete music soundtrack with the baroque Violin Concerto in E Major by J.S. Bach, I used title cards in places where Sativa’s character has spoken lines.

The story itself involves Sativa leaving the room to relieve herself, and coming back only to find the box with her clothes missing. She spends the remainder of the video scampering around naked… and then runs completely bare out of the building to her car.

The ending was risky to shoot, but incredibly wild.

Here is a Preview Clip near the beginning of the video. The motive has already been established, and Sativa has discarded her shoes, and just now her panties. We tried to build up a little suspense, about how far would she actually go?

The Wine Tasting Preview Clip

Keep in mind, this scene happens within the first five minutes of the video. Sativa spends the remaining 12 minutes or so, bare-assed nude. At one point early in promoting my work, I had uploaded this clip to share online. I’m not entirely certain, but I think this is the one that got me banned from Youtube.

The full video is of course available at my Clips4Sale store.

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