Jade Indica

My first time working with Jade Indica was in December, 2006. She was just starting her modeling career, and responded to an ad I placed on craigslist. When we met for the shoot, my initial thought was how cute she was in person. In addition to this video, I would bring her back two more times to work alongside different models. The following titles include her appearances:

Weekend at the Office

The History Report

Lunch Lady

The interesting thing about Jade is that there was a lapse of 4 years between the last two productions we worked on.  I believe that her first solo performance was actually her best, when she felt most at ease and had a lot of fun. She certainly showed much promise, and I would not hesitate to bring her back for another time around in front of the camera.

Here are some pictures, which provide a contrast between Jade when she was a nineteen or twenty-year-old girl and then how she appeared four years later, as a tan and toned young woman.

The link below is for a preview clip that can be downloaded. This was something I pulled from “Weekend at the Office” when I first started experimenting with Windows Movie Maker, using title credits and a music soundtrack.

Classical Jade

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