All or Nothing

The idea for this video came to me in January of 2010, when I was watching WWE Smackdown and saw a commercial for an upcoming episode of the game show “Deal or No Deal”. Now I had never seen this show hosted by Howie Mandel, but this spot featured a contestant who was a really cute young woman with long dark hair. She herself was a banker and I remember the commercial making a big thing about Banker vs. Banker! At one point, for some reason, she nervously asks if she can take off her shoes. There is a fast cut to her shuffling in place, a close-up showing only her bare legs and feet on stage.

Then Howie delivers a cheesy, but tantalizing line, “This is a family show… we’re stopping at the shoes.” As if there was even the slightest chance she might go further. And from that moment, the scene captured my imagination.

I was determined to create a parody or spoof of this episode, where the contestant would request to take off her shoes in order to keep playing the game.  However, the situation would escalate, and my contestant would keep bargaining with the host to remove items each time she faced elimination.

Now in order to make this happen, I brought back Jordana Leigh, a model and very good actress who I worked with twice before. She would be my enthusiastic game show host. Then I only needed to cast for the part of our desperate contestant. It was my great fortune that I was contacted by a beautiful young lady with long dark hair… Amy Starr. I knew she would be perfect for the part.

For the location, I made arrangements with a theatre company, and was delighted to find out their facility had a lower level with a small stage area used for a comedy club. The set up would work fine for this production.

Finally, all I needed was a title for the script. Thinking how I could make a play on the whole “Deal or No Deal” concept, I considered several suggestions for before deciding on “All or Nothing”.

I really had fun creating this video, and it was special for me for a variety of reasons. Besides representing the start of my working relationship with Amy, I also picked up a new HD SONY camera for this shoot, and I am still using that camera today. This marked an immediate improvement in the quality of the video.

Due to the nature of this production, I did not use a classical music soundtrack. Instead, I relied on editing in different sound files of audience reactions, such as clapping, cheers, laughter, and “Awww…” whenever the contestant chooses the wrong briefcase.

I did finish with a cut of hard rock from a local band “Liquid Overload”. I had been working with them since I first used their track “So Cold” at the end of Babysitting Without a Net. For this video, I selected their song “Suffer”, which has a melodic acoustic introduction, before kicking in to the heavy stuff.

Released in April of 2010, here is a link to download the file for a clip of Outtakes I made from this video. The full production is 18 minutes, and available at my Clips4Sale store.

All or Nothing Outtakes

10 responses to “All or Nothing

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  2. Ah yes, the first Amy video. Jade made a very good host if I remember rightly, enjoyed the slow strip down and the ending was fun.

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