Jordana Leigh

I became familiar with the work of Jordana Leigh when I originally saw her in the DVD “Pretty Pranks” by DFP Productions. Later in 2009, she contacted me about the possibility of working on a project together. We were finally able to coordinate our schedules to do our first shoot in October. Jordan would go on to appear in the following productions:

Trick or Treat 2

Holiday Hotline

All or Nothing

Since we started in October, it seemed logical to cast her in a Halloween-themed video. However, she had some pretty big shoes to fill as I was looking to make a sequel to the Halloween video, which I had produced one year earlier with Sativa Verte, “Trick or Treat”. Jordana was more than up to the task.

These were some of my silly and cartoonish storylines featuring the Grimble Gang characters. I knew it took a special kind of actress to understand the concept, and Jordana fit right in. She has a good sense of humor, is a lot of fun to work with, and always gives a solid performance. We followed up with another holiday-themed production, and then I cast her in a non-nude role as the game show host. Jordana is very talented, and her videos are definitely worth checking out.

5 responses to “Jordana Leigh

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  2. Only three? Feels like she did more. As I said, she made a good, cheesy host for all or nothing. I also enjoyed the humor and fantasy elements of the Grimble Gang, as you say she had a knack for the humor.

    • It’s fun using props like that, especially when the model can capture a perfect ENF reaction. These girls all have very nice smiles, but the photos I like best are the ones when they are not smiling, their eyes glancing in another direction nervously.

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