Born in Brooklyn and raised in Greece, Aphrodite (the model, not the goddess) contacted me in response to a casting call I placed early in March 2012. I had a very specific look in mind for my new video, which would be following a script based on two fictional characters. The part called for a college-aged full-figured or curvy Latina. I was impressed by her portfolio pictures and we started communicating about the video concept. There were a few other models interested, but in the end I decided Aphrodite was the one I wanted to work with.

In discussing the script, she had expressed a certain level of comfort with nudity. I did not push her on the subject as this would be our first time working together. But during the shoot, perhaps out of nervousness in front of a more experienced model, she acted genuinely shy and hesitant. Of course, that was perfect for the character she was playing. But I did have an “uh-oh” moment, wondering if she would back down from removing all her clothes.

There was a progression of growing at ease, as Aphrodite first used a pillow to cover up. The slow resignation to her nudity also fit the storyline. By the end of the video, the young woman runs completely bare outside and down the driveway. It was a statisfying sight to behold.

Aphrodite has appeared in the following videos:

The Rules

Anatomy of a Dare

Below are some photos I took from the shoot, which feature Aphrodite along with Kerri Taylor.

3 responses to “Aphrodite

  1. Unusual to reveal the ending of the story.

    She is certainly a curvy lady and glad she was able to overcome her shyness. She should pick some sort of stage name though. Looking forward to the video

    • Oh, I’ve done the “girl running out of the house” ending before. What’s neat about this, I think, will be how it unfolds and the new location. I think you will enjoy it! I am anxious to see if the gradual overcoming of her shyness comes across in the edited video.

      She might give me another name before I do the final credits. If so, I will make the changes here. Aphrodite is what she went by on her modeling portfolio.

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