Kerri Taylor

Kerri has been gracing photographs and video for several years now. She is another stunningly gorgeous brunette, with a bit of an edge as well. I had first seen her posing for Dragon Fire photography, and later she was in Seph’s Pretty Pranks DVD. She also did a wonderful solo piece with DFP about agreeing to be part of a reality-based television program, only not realizing the cameras were rolling as she went about her daily household activities. I loved that one. She has been in many other videos from DFP Productions.

For the past year or so, Kerri and I have been trying to coordinate our schedules to do a video. But one thing or another always seemed to come up, or I would start working with a new model and not have the chance to follow up with her.

When I put out my casting call in March 2012, looking for a fit athletic brunette to play the dominating role as a foil to another more shy and embarrassed model, Kerri responded, and I knew she was perfect. In fact, I found myself thinking, “Why didn’t I contact her in the first place?” So finally, we were able to make it happen, and introduce Kerri in a Narrow-minded Productions video.

I have to say, she is just as beautiful in person as she is in still images and motion pictures. Furthermore, she really gets into the part she is playing. She took an interest in the script and showed great enthusiasm. Kerri, as the more experienced of the two, helped carry the production when I teamed her up with Aphrodite.

Below are some photos I took with Kerri. The last two are not from the video, but extras taken at the end of the shoot. In the video, her character does not take off her clothes. But having her on the set, I could not let slip an opportunity to film some bonus material. The middle picture is just pure class and elegance.

6 responses to “Kerri Taylor

    • Thanks! The extra stuff with Kerri, I will probably tack on to the outtakes video. It is unrelated to the video itself. But it seemed to be a waste not to see Kerri nude, even for just a little bit. I would definitely like to work with her again, where she is playing a character who loses all her clothes.

  1. If only you had managed to fit in such a piano scene, the pictures are excellent. Looking forward to seeing Kerri Taylor in action.

    • I was following a structured script for this one. There is of course always room to improvise, but I just didn’t see how to create more of a piano scene. But it does show up in the video. You can tell, I love to capture models with musical instruments whenever I can.

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