“Lauren and Jessie”

Lauren and Jessie are fictional characters created by Internet writer Jenna Burlinski. She came up with the idea of an attractive but curvy Hispanic young woman, who would be put through all sorts of embarrassing situations by her friend from college, Jessie. The reason for this is that Jessie accuses Lauren of stealing her boyfriend, and now it is a matter of revenge. Jessie herself is a fit athletic type and often uses this to flaunt and embarrass Lauren.

When Jenna first started to write about these characters last summer, I decided to take a stab at producing a video inspired by this theme. In September, I booked Tara Rose and Lydia Lael for their second video with me, Cheerleader, and cast them in the parts of Lauren and Jessie. However, while excellent performances were given by both actresses, it wasn’t really a strict interpretation of the characters. Lydia and Tara put their own inimitable style on that production.

For the video I shot in March, a new script was written that picks up with Lauren already experiencing the schemes of Jessie. However, things are about to get even more interesting as the taller brunette girl has new ideas for our curvy Latina. And Jessie is going to lay down a new code of conduct.

Some more background information about Lauren and Jessie can be found from this interactive story at the link below. While Jenna starts things off, other authors have taken different threads and run with it.

Lauren and Jessie 

6 responses to ““Lauren and Jessie”

  1. It is great you contiue your fine work. But in my opinion the comments level after moving about has diminished. I don’t use oneclickchicks – maybe there there is more activity. Looking at the blog I am not so sure it was good idea to abandon the old place. And I hope You won’t become discouraged by so little torrent of response.

    • I’m fine with the level of comments so far. Keep in mind, most of this month, I have been uploading previous content. Models and videos that people have already seen and commented on elsewhere.

      I just started to add brand new content with Kerri and Aphrodite, and right away there were several responses made. This is really not much less than whenever I posted about a new shoot back at the old yahoo group.

      There are a number of things I like better about this location. The general look has more of a classy feel to it. And the photos I upload can be viewed larger than they ever were in the yahoo group. And isn’t it great that comments do not have to be moderated? As soon as you post a reply, it shows up on the blog. And I can reply to each and every comment.

      Honestly, I couldn’t be happier since leaving Yahoo behind.


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  3. The link for Lauren and Jessie “Due to heavy server volume, Interactive Stories are temporarily unavailable to guest visitors. Please try again later.” Is it available elsewhere

    • That is the writing.com server. Have you set up a free account to log in? I was just on and it worked, but after I signed in. Unfortunately, this is the only place that has any of the Lauren and Jessie stories.

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