Monkey Business

I’ve made reference in some previous posts to the characters known as the Grimble Gang. This is a concept I developed after my first video shoot with Sativa Verte. I was looking to try something different, and also come up with a way that an actress in a solo performance could still play off an antagonist. What I had in mind was something like the comic strip Liberty Meadows, which featured a beautiful woman cast alongside a bunch of sarcastic, wise-cracking barnyard animals.

Now the idea of creating scenes with human actors interacting with animated characters is nothing new. It’s been done from Mary Poppins to Roger Rabbit, and perhaps more analogous to this situation, the Muppet Show. For my purposes, I was going to use stuffed animals to stand in as extras, and give them dialogue through the use of title cards. These wouldn’t be cutesy Disney-style characters, but mischievous little guys thinking up ways to undress pretty women.

I pitched the idea to members of my old newsgroup back in November of 2007. After some interest was expressed, the name “Grimble Gang” was suggested by J.J. Thommas who has his own line of internet comics done with the Poser illustrator program. I already had the lead character planned, a monkey wearing sunglasses with a bit of a chauvinist attitude. Soon to be joined by his buddies, the name “Grimble Gang” just seemed to fit.

The first time I rolled out this concept was in the video appropriately titled, “Monkey Business”, which I shot with Sativa in December of 2007. The story had Miss Verte as an office executive waiting for the accountant to arrive to help her with the books. But when Bananas shows up instead, she mistakes him for the accountant. She is caught off guard when he pulls out a gun, seeming intent on robbing the office.

Of course, Bananas is only going to have a little fun at our heroine’s expense, and he makes her undress completely. This is all done as sort of a vaudeville comic fantasy, and the big joke being that the pistol Bananas was using is actually a water gun.  The video was put together silent film style, and has full music soundtrack by Sergie Rachmaninoff and his piano concerto No. 2.

Sativa’s personality and natural acting ability made her ideal for this type of video, and we would explore this concept in two more productions. Besides the humor aspect, Sativa looks both truly cute and gorgeous, especially running through the office stark naked. In other words, she does sexy and funny near flawlessly. Monkey Business runs about 15 minutes, and can be found at my Clips4Sale store.

Below is a link to download a rare clip of extras I had made from this video session, including Sativa ironing her shirt on a filing cabinet and capturing some adorable poses.

Monkey Business Extras

12 responses to “Monkey Business

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  2. The third photo somewhat combines the comedy and the sexiness of the video. I enjoy J.J. Thommas work but never knew he came up with the name of the gang, credit to him. Was an enjoyable video

  3. It was not “BWtN” but “Monkey Business” ( and Sativa preformace in it ) which got me hooked on NMP. I thought that it was the Sativa personality and apperance but then I sought some other productions with her and was disappointed. Only in your productions Sativa shines so lightly and I believe that it is because You found and took out those “something” in her.

    • You’re right, there are not very many other productions that feature Sativa in this style. I think that is also why she enjoyed doing these videos, because it was different and allowed her to express herself in a new way. If I tapped into anything, it is probably Sativa’s happiness and fun spirit, and these videos are meant to be fun. Certainly, her performances here are unique.

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