Location, location, location

This is something I have tried to make a strength of my productions. When I first started shooting these smaller videos on my own, I booked two models in a rehearsal studio. I was never happy with such a limitation. It was so much better once I was able to use a private office suite, and a property with a large house allowing for a variety of possibilities of scenes.

Since then, I have tried to look for different, if not unique, settings for each video. While I have sometimes used a “theme” more than once, I do like it when I can mix things up with a new location. Some of my favorites include the stage in the lower level of a theatre, the beach front house on the water, and of course a classroom in a small business college. And  let’s not forget a Knights of Columbus meeting hall, in the middle of a busy intersection! I have booked shoots in different private homes, which were all lovely, but I wanted to keep things fresh. Even my own house, I have only used once and reluctantly at that.

Still on my list that I would like to one day do a video for:

  1. Another academic setting with broader areas, such as the hallways of a high school.
  2. A YMCA/Gym location with a wrestling or boxing ring to try a WWE parody.

I should add that I dread shooting in a hotel, which I have only done twice. The exception would be if I am actually using the hotel to set up more of a public nudity/embarrassment angle. So I should clarify, a girl running down the hallway nude is always fun. But being stuck in a boring room for most of the shoot is not so great.

It is my intention to continue to scout for interesting locations that are both feasible for these types of videos, and will provide much entertainment. An inspired setting can make a production, just as much as a good acting performance.


Salad Au Natural

On a chilly March day in 2008, I booked my third shoot with Sativa Verte. We were working very well together, and I knew I could get a lot out of her. I had set up the day to shoot two separate videos. The first of these would be “Salad Au Natural”.

Our previous production had been Monkey Business, where I introduced the characters of the Grimble Gang. Since then, I came upon a little stuffed bear dressed in a chef’s outfit. I thought this would be perfect for a funny café style scenario.

The interesting thing about this video is that I had been receiving feedback from viewers who wanted to hear Sativa speak her own lines. Physically, she had already demonstrated that she was a fine actor. The only thing missing was her voice, as the first two videos were done silent film style. Outtakes notwithstanding, “Salad Au Natural” would be the first production that Sativa has spoken delivery.

I remember when discussing this shoot with her, that I told Sativa I wanted her character to be more playful. That is because in the previous one, she was in an office setting and had an understandably more angry reaction to the Grimble Gang. Wanting to change things up a bit, this approach had her more submissive and compliant to the chef’s demands.

The storyline itself was classic silliness. Sativa goes to a new café and chooses from the menu an item called the Salad Au Natural. The only catch is, as the chef bear tells her, she most literally eat the salad au natural. That is, completely in the buff. Sativa’s character reacts in shock at first, but says that she really likes it here and wants to try the salad. If she does not follow the restaurant’s curious rule, she will be asked to leave. With a little reluctance, the curly-haired brunette acquiesces with a good attitude.

Some creative things I enjoyed about this video include calling the name of the café “Chez Bear Honey.” This was an obvious play on words with the idea of an innocent honey bear, and Sativa herself who would become a bare honey. I also liked the scene when I positioned the camera outside the window, lending a voyeuristic feel to Sativa eating her salad. After finishing her meal, Sativa realizes that she left her wallet at home. She goes through a comedic frantic search and desperate solicitations to pay her bill. In the end, the chef lets her walk back home to get her money… but only after keeping her clothes as collateral!

The request Sativa makes to at least put on her socks, was because it really was cold that day. I decided to give her a break, and not make her walk outside barefoot.

Sativa herself had fun playing off the little stuffed bear, and did a fantastic job. She looks deliciously cute in this video. I did use a classical music soundtrack, the Hungarian Dance 5 by Johannes Brahms, which I kept running at a low volume the whole time under the video.

Here is a promotional preview clip I made, for the first 2 and a half minutes. It does not contain any nudity, but leads up to Sativa starting to remove her shirt. The full video is just over 10 minutes and is available at my Clips4Sale store.

Salad Au Natural – Preview Clip 

Quote of the Day

“I don’t want my boss to see me in a wrinkly skirt. What would Mr. Grimble think?”

~Amy Starr in Legal Briefs

Playing a hapless lawyer, Amy waits for an important client to return to his upscale apartment. She is just starting a series of accidents and has already spilled water all over her shirt. Ever conscious about making a good impression, Amy decides to iron her skirt while the blouse she was wearing dries in the oven.

I like this line, not only for what she says, but also how she says it. The tone in her voice is playfully naughty, but it’s like Amy’s character is sexy without even trying to be sexy.

The off-screen character Mr. Grimble was of course a wink and a nod to the Grimble Gang from my early productions. They do not appear in this video, and it was meant to be an inside joke for those familiar with them. One can almost imagine Mr. Grimble is really Bananas, and he has set the whole thing up.

The great irony of this line is that a wrinkly skirt is the least of Amy’s worries to be seen in.

Eye Spy

Early in 2009, I was looking for creative ideas for a new video. I was planning on featuring two models and thinking about a storyline where the young women play pranks and try to get back at the other. This led to somewhat of a parody of the old “Black Spy” vs. “White Spy” cartoons from Mad Magazine. While this would be the general theme, there was also a nod to the “Get Smart” series, and I pretty much had fun with the whole rival espionage concept.

I started casting for the parts in the Spring, and would end up working with two new ladies for the first (and only!) time. That’s always a bit of a risk on a production, but they both expressed interest in the project. In fact, I was contacted by brown-haired Paige first, and I quickly had her in mind for my “White Spy”. There were a couple of other models up for consideration for the opposite part, but eventually I would work with a raven-haired beauty,  Shira Arielle.

I wrote a script that divided the video into three episodes. Also, playing up the whole White Spy and Black Spy angle, I created the characters Melissa Blanc and Natalia Noir. As agents for enemy organizations, each lady would have an opportunity to embarrass the other leading to their loss of clothing. And then I meant for it to be a surprise as to who would win the third round. Ultimately, I would call the production “Eye Spy”, and it would be released at the end of May.

This video was indeed a challenge and very fun to put together. As for the models themselves, Paige is certainly attractive, but she wasn’t that great of an actor. I didn’t plan to work with her again, nor did she seem inclined to pursue this type of video again. Shira, however, was a different story. I thought she was very beautiful, and intelligent, too. She arrived early for the shoot and we had a chance to talk a while, allowing me to learn more about her. Shira was very creative and someone who could have had a lot of potential with Narrow-minded Productions.

After the video was finished, Shira was excited to see the final version. She enjoyed it, and eagerly e-mailed and texted me about working on another video project.  We had plans to shoot in July, and I already had an idea for a follow-up, a sort of “Eye Spy II”, which would ironically have been a solo performance starring Shira Arielle.

But then something funny happened. As I posted the video outtakes on my dailymotion playlist, like I always do to promote a new release, her boyfriend caught some of the behind-the-scenes moments. Apparently, between takes, Shira showed a bit too much of her gorgeous ass, and even a bit of nipple. I did not think anything of it at the time, but her boyfriend freaked out. I had some unfortunate arguments with Shira, and needless to say, a working relationship with her was not meant to be.

This marks the only time in my professional video-making venture that I have run into the dreaded Jealous Boyfriend Syndrome.

These turn of events notwithstanding, the video for “Eye Spy” was an entertaining production, featuring funny and exaggerated methods of the girls stripping each other. This one was a rare title that used a variety of music selections including the (legally obtained) theme to Peter Gunn by Henry Mancini, Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, and more heavy metal from Liquid Overload with their track, “Stress”.

Below is a link to download a preview clip of the first part of “Eye Spy”. The full video is 12 minutes, and available at my Clips4Sale store.

Eye Spy – Preview Clip

Mindy at the Gym

Back in June of 2007, I decided to try my hand at using Windows Movie Maker to create a better presentation for the early clips I was shooting. This program would allow me to use credits and titles, transitions and effects, as well as import a full music soundtrack. I would also begin working at a new location, which had an indoor swimming pool, a tennis court, and gym. This is the first video that I shot at the location, and would use it several times, as recently as Office Help at the end of 2011.

It was the location that inspired me to come up with a simple storyline taking place at a gym. The character that seemed natural for this production was McSkyy’s “Mindy the Exhibitionist”. I’ve always felt the roots of these productions, indeed the original purpose, was to create video based on stories found in the ASN community. Thus was created “Mindy at the Gym”.

This was also when I started working with ModelMayhem as a casting/networking site. I was contacted by a lovely young woman, Alicia Sirabella. She is a beautiful, spicy dark-haired girl of Cuban descent. We spoke over the phone, and she agreed with the concept and to be a part of this project.

The concept, of course, was pretty straightforward. Playing the part of Mindy, who has the habit of getting herself in trouble and unintentionally exposed in public places, Alicia would start out in gym clothes and then wrap herself in a towel to relax by the pool. Unfortunately, it would not be long before getting that towel caught in a sliding glass door, revealing that she has nothing on underneath.

This video is not so much about story and dialogue, but rather putting an attractive girl in the type of situation found in the fictional works of this genre. To be fair, Alicia did not play an especially embarrassed victim, but she looks very good naked, and did a decent job at covering herself when her character thought she might get caught. I was also just finding my way around behind the camera and directing these kinds of productions.

One of the things I liked was Alicia’s starting outfit, the tight-fitting workout pants that has the word “Tickled” across her backside. That was from her own wardrobe, which she wore to the shoot. I would have liked to use Alicia again in future videos, but I was quickly moving on to other models. We did contact each other, maybe a couple of years ago, but never were able to set up a return shoot.

The full video has a classical music soundtrack featuring the Sonata No. 4 by Richard Strauss. I used title cards for whenever Alicia’s character had spoken lines, in the style of a silent movie. Running just shy of 12 minutes, “Mindy at the Gym” is available at my clips4sale store.

Below is a link to download Part 1 of the video, essentially the first two and a half minutes. This is before I was creating outtakes from the shoot. I must give a disclaimer that this preview clip does not contain any nudity. It does show the part where Alicia is changing, and strips down, but this is a teasing shot from behind, and from her waist up. The clip finishes with her walking around the pool in only a towel. Soon, in the full video, she loses the towel and spends more than 9 minutes entirely in the nude.

Mindy at the Gym Preview Clip

“Outtakes” Video: The Rules

Here is a 7 minute clip featuring some outtakes from The Rules, as well as some preview bits and finally a brief moment with Kerri at the Piano after the shoot was finished.

The Rules – Outtakes

Both girls really had a lot of fun working on this video.

On the subject of pianos, this video reminded me of the line by Benny Hill about how a woman is like a piano:

“When they’re not upright, they’re grand!”


Briella Jaden

This young lady has the knack for contacting me just after I finish a video. Briella Jaden sent me a message in September of 2011, asking if I was interested in working together, right while I was in the middle of editing Cheerleader. She followed up with me again in January, as I was putting the finishing touches on Office Help. Both times, we were able to arrange our schedules and produce a video. Briella has appeared in these titles:

The Haunted Closet

First Day at a New School

After School Special

The Boss is Back

Do Not Disturb



Anything for a Raise

An Exchange of Gifts

Easter Bunny Apprentice

Roll of the Dice

Briella is a slim and pysically fit young woman with blonde-ish hair, which is something of a rarity for me. (The majority of models I work with are brunettes.) She has a small tattoo on her hip, and another tattoo of a flowing flower over the front of one foot. Now I have stated before, I am not a fan of tattoos on females. However, I think the placement on Briella is not too bad, and does not distract from her beauty. From behind, she is near flawless.

Our first shoot was a solo performance, a fun and silly Halloween-themed video. We hit it off very well, and she was very easy to work with. Briella has a sweet personality, and she does put a lot of enthusiasm into a project. I think her acting ability has room for improvement, and has led to some uneven performances. But when she does a scene well, she usually does it very well. I have always enjoyed watching her graceful figure in action.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work with her in a setting where another model was involved.  In this case, an older lady who she has done shoots with before. My classroom-themed video put Briella in a position to play a more embarrassed character, but I did not give her many lines to deliver. I found out that she does have a genuine shyness about her, under certain circumstances, and hope to use that trait in future performances. I see her as a work in progress, almost like the study of a classical sculpture, being refined and discovering exciting new possibilities.

The link below is for the file of a short promotional clip I made with Briella in October, looking ahead to 2012.

Briella NMP