The Rules

This video is about two college girls, Jessie and Lauren. Played by Kerri Taylor, making her debut in a Narrow-minded Production, and newcomer Aphrodite, the fit athletic brunette sets out to take revenge on the curvy Latina for trying to steal her boyfriend. Jessie will have Lauren do all sorts of embarrassing things such as changing into childish panties, answering the door topless for a pizza delivery, and go even further.

For the music, I used an evocative piano piece called “Spanish Concerto” throughout, and then finish the end credits with a track from local metal band Liquid Overload, “Friends Like You”. That seemed to fit the dynamic between the two charatcers.

The full video is over 18 minutes in running time and is available at my Clips4Sale Store.

I just want to add a mention here, that due to the way this story was scripted, Kerri’s dominating character does not take off her clothes in this video. However, at the end of the shoot, I asked Kerri to undress and filmed a little bit of bonus material. I will share this as part of the outtakes clip.

23 responses to “The Rules

  1. Thanks Helmhood. I enjoyed the story. Kerri was very strong as the lead. I think Aphrodite is very cute and did a good job for her first time. She seemed more timid then embarrassed to me, especially in parts but overall did a good job. Oh and I love her accent. Criticism wise, I think there were points I could tell that Kerri and Aphrodite were looking at the camera or you looking for lines or what to do next. Also some editing seemed to cut out some sound, maybe intentionally if you were giving directions. But I liked it and I think bringing these two back again is something I would enjoy. A continuation of the story of sorts maybe.

  2. Thank you, jawz! My impression of Aphrodite was also that she is cute. I think your description of her as timid is exactly right, especially at the beginning. Hopefully, we can tie that into embarrassment in future videos. I’m glad her accent was not a distraction. She is a little soft-spoken, but she actually came up with a couple of lines on her own that were pretty funny.

    The editing software allows me to select parts of the clip and I can mute the video sound completely. I do this whenever the camera makes too much noise, or I was giving directions but the girls are performing actions that I want to capture. For the most part, I added in the music bits whenever I dropped the sound. But yeah, there are definitely a few spots where the sounds cuts out.

    Kerri of course, did an amazing job, and I would love to have them both back.

    Thanks again for downloading and for the reply!

      • No trouble at all thank you. Just finished them.

        Nice house and nice… the blue thing with the two people on at the start?

        Beginning is a bit shaky, the editing seems to give a stop start feel and both actresses seem a little uncertain at first, as if feeling their way into their roles and into working with each other. I liked the use of phone call and early conversation to fill everyone in on a situation which had been going on before. I also have a fondness for woman forced to wear childish clothing so that element appealed to me. When top came off, wondered if the camera might have been better placed slightly to the right so her back was the main part of the shot.

        Aphrodite was a bit erratic but would put the flatter deliveries/expressions down to that sense she she was a little uncertain and hopefully with more experience that will fade. She does seem quite suited to embarrassed stories with her tone and the way she managed to look awkward/slightly unhappy (in a good way) during most of the video. Use of hair to cover part of her chest was a nice idea, as a side note, she look a lot better in the video then in the photo’s or just me? However I also found her frustrating, too often (perhaps due to uncertainty), just standing there like a statue rather then reacting to events. For example, she could have reacted more with the cushion, giving more of a sense of squirming embarrassment, rather then just held it like a shield in front of her as Jessie went to get the box. Or walking in front of the windows, making no attempt to hide or sign of embarrassment other then one jump back. With the pizza delivery, I originally thought she had been put at the door early by Jenny and was waiting for the man to arrive such was her reaction. I know I’m being harsh but think it is something she needs to work on.

        Kerri was a bit erratic. Sometimes her laugh had a brilliant edge of cruelty to it and some of her mocking was good, other times it was flat. Seemed to get better as the video went on, she makes a decent villain.

  3. Thank you very much, mackaie. I appreciate all the feedback! I don’t think you are being harsh at all. No question this being the first effort with her, there was a feeling out process for both of us, and a lot of room for improvement.

    I thought it was a great location, the piano influenced the music direction I would take. And when I saw that Kama Sutra tray on the coffe table, I just wanted to use that as a focal point during the introduction.

    Due to the time of the day, just a couple of hours before sunset, there were some lighting issues with the sun streaming through those huge windows. On the other hand, this did give some scenes an artsy vibe at some points. But it may have affected the digital camera photos I took, making Aphrodite’s skin complexion darker than it is? I agree, she can be very photogenic on the video at the right angle.

    I like how you describe Kerri’s character as the “villain”. I knew I had to walk a tightrope between her coming off as too malicious and just having fun at the other girl’s expense. Of course, the motivation was established early on. I would like to get Kerri in the role of the victim as well for a future production.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the video!

    • Maybe villain was the wrong word but I do think she comes across as more then dominant, with a vengeful/cruel streak. I enjoyed that though. Hope you do get Kerri as a victim in a future video

      • I want to do a general post about this subject. It is something I struggled with, how to make the video fun and enjoyable, without Kerri’s character coming across as too mean-spirited.

        I’ll be posting the outtakes soon, and Aphrodite was laughing a lot between takes and having a good time. So I hope people don’t feel too bad about what she went through!

  4. Oh I didn’t think Aphrodite suffered, don’t worry. I’m guessing you didn’t quite get the balance you wanted but still found Jessie rather fun. Never felt uncomfortable or that the film itself was cruel.

    • That’s good to hear. I think some of my anxiety might be from viewers not being familiar with Aphrodite, and knowing what to expect. Truthfully, there were moments I did not know what to expect either!

  5. Very beautiful women. Getting a solid script beforehand is always a plus.

    I found Aphrodite’s dialog difficult to understand. So maybe it was in there and I just couldn’t hear it, but it seemed like you were missing a critical part of a “blackmail” storyline, the leverage. Sure, Jessie has *motivation* to want revenge on Lauren, but Lauren would just tell Jessie to buzz off unless Lauren has some authority over or “dirt” on Jessie. Blackmail story lines can be fun, but they have to make sense.
    *Please note that I do not endorse the use of extortion in real life, and doing so is a crime.

    There also seems to be a lot more “talking about stuff happening” than “stuff happening.” That probably comes in handy for a production as limited as this, but some parts of the video almost feel like a glorified audiobook.

    • Hi Poppy,

      Yes, Aphrodite was a little too soft-spoken at times. She also rushed her lines, at the beginning, and we tried a couple of takes. I actually had to remind her to take a breath. But Spanish women always talk fast, right! That, and her accent might have made some words unclear. It’s easy for me to overlook, because I have the script in hand and was already familiar with the dialogue.

      About the other point you raised, that does make a lot of sense. But I just wonder, is it possible the character of Lauren is so intimidated by Jessie, that she can not find the courage to tell her to buzz off? Or again, she is privately turned on by the whole situation.

      Looking over this, I believe what did not come across as well is that there was already a history of Jessie embarrassing Lauren, and this is where things start to get even more intense. And then Jessie is telling the other girl all the things she has in store for her, the “talking about stuff happening” as you mentioned. So this video is kind of in the middle of events that the viewer has not seen. I guess it was more an experiment in storytelling for me.

      Thank you again for your feedback!

  6. I tried to download the 2nd part, and it brought me to the sendspace site. When I clicked to start the download, it said that it wasn’t found 😦

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