Girls “Bullying” Girls

In light of my recent video, “The Rules”, I have been thinking about the theme that is featured in several stories of a young woman who dominates, blackmails, takes advantage of, or dare I say, bullies another young woman. It is something that I did consider as I worked with the script. And yet, this kind of storyline is not entirely unfamiliar territory for the genre of video I am involved with. But I thought my films are supposed to be light-hearted and fun, right? So how do we weave such situations that might otherwise seem cruel, into a make-believe scenario that is still entertaining to watch? I’ve decided to look at some of my previous productions to help figure this out.

In my very first independent film, the story was essentially about a pair of female juveniles who seek to turn the tables on and get the better of their babysitter. From the beginning, Amy and Louise devise ways to strip Laura-Ann, and they do not hold back with unflattering comments in the process. In multiple episodes, they make fun of the babysitter’s undergarments, insult her choice of underwear, and generally push her around. The acting was superb and the dialogue rich, which I think helps make the film a sort of black comedy. Also, at 40 minutes in length, there was enough time to develop the characters and hint that Amy and Louise do share some affection for Laura-Ann, and are only trying to help her come out of her shell. This perhaps, takes the edge off their devious actions and caustic wit.

In 2007, I did a short video with Suzann and Jade Indica called “The History Report”. The basic premise is that Suzann’s character steals Jade’s schoolwork, and will only return it by having Jade take off her clothing. This happens page by page, through different areas of the location. So Jade is forced to hunt down Suzann and give in to the clothing blackmail until she gets her report back, but at the price of her total nudity. Jade was cute as usual in this video, and Suzann played a convincing bad girl. There was not enough time to develop a motive, but it would seem Suzann was doing this just to mess with the other girl.

“Nice Girls Finish Last” was a heavily scripted video I produced in 2008. It marks the only time I worked with Sativa Verte along with a second actress. We teamed up with a British model, Katy Cee, who was perfect to play a street punk who robs Sativa of her clothes. Throughout the ordeal, Katy’s character makes wise-cracks and insulting remarks about Sativa’s character, calling her an “uptight prude” and commenting about the way she grooms her pubic hair, of all things. Again, the script was well-written and the lines delivered with plenty of snark and delighting in Sativa’s misfortune. Still, did anyone feel bad about her embarrassment at the hands of the other girl?

In 2009, I came up with a spoof of the “Spy vs. Spy” cartoons from Mad Magazine, and produced “Eye Spy”. The ladies involved were Shira Arielle and Paige, as the Black Spy and White Spy, respectively. Now in this case, the characters are from rival organizations, so there is a natural enmity between them. Of course, this plays out in a series of three episodes, with the objective of leaving the other girl naked. Clearly, the intention is there to humiliate. But the methods are so over the top, maybe this plays into the whole fantasy aspect of these videos.

After my first experience with Lydia Lael and Tara Rose in 2011, I brought them back for a video called “Cheerleader”. As I mentioned in an earlier post, this was my first attempt at a “Lauren and Jessie” story. Lydia took on the role of Jessie, and plays the part with vigor, opposite poor Tara who has lost a bet. In the process of making Tara bounce on a trampoline naked (just to start with) Lydia quips all sorts of cutting remarks throughout. She belittles Tara about everything from her choice of underwear, her body, and even her pedicure! This video, in a departure from the others mentioned above, does have a twist ending letting Tara’s character get even with Lydia. It might be their playful attitudes, but this one always seemed to have a feel more like two girls playing pranks on each other. Nevertheless, the level of embarrassment is still present and definitely a part of the story,

And this brings me to the video I just finished starring Kerri Taylor and Aphrodite. Unlike “Cheerleader”, this video has Jessie remain dominant and totally in control. No chance of turning the tables here. Looking back at the other productions cited, this idea is consistent with a one-sided story line. Among the embarrassing things Jessie has Lauren do is change into underwear that are then mocked and ridiculed. Here we have echoes of “Babysitting Without a Net” (which also had a scene taking place around a piano). Throughout the story, Kerri teases and taunts Aphrodite, again something that has been featured in previous scripts. So the question I have been pondering is, did this video play out any differently than earlier productions?

It could be I am overthinking this. I thought as I was working with the screenplay, that “The Rules” might be more edgy and feel not as light-hearted as usual. But in retrospect, I’m not sure if I have deviated all the much from some storylines I explored in the past. I guess a parting question might be, do people enjoy this kind of dominating script as something to continue in the future? I’ll throw that out there for discussion.

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  1. Your right in that EyeSpy had that outrageous fantasy/comedy feel so you would have had to have gone very dark to make that feel wrong.

    Overall? I think a few things help. The sense that your cast are enjoying themselves and aren’t upset does take any edge off. I don’t think you have ever gone too far and have so far perfectly judged where the line is, not yet seen a video where I came out thinking it was a bit mean. I also think the “baddies” help: Kerri in the last video, Lydia in others tend not to play a chilling villain. There is a slight level of… camp would be wrong, a teasing fun for the actress might be better. The character may not be very nice but if the actress is putting a slightly “having fun” sense to it, does take away any harshness.

    • Definitely the girls had fun with this one. I still felt to the need to reassure Aphrodite that even though her character was being made fun of, she is an attractive young woman. I kind of felt guilty about her being called chubby in the video. But I do think it’s nice to showcase a little variety in body types.

  2. I’m glad you brought this topic up. My personal favorite three movies from you are Nice Girls Finish Last, Endless Summer and Office Help, which were three movies that each had an antagonistic relationship between two women. However, what these three movies had that this most recent was didn’t was either some kind of karmatic revenge to the bully (OH, ES) or the fact that the victim was established as jerkish to begin with (NGFL), which made it funnier/lighter. I didn’t really get that Aphrodite’s character really deserved any of the punishment she got. Sure it was mentioned, but the overall feel of the video just seemed like Kerry was just cruel, rather than jerkish (which I find off-putting). I think you did a video awhile back that was also a bit darker called The Lunch Lady that veered into this category as well.

    I think the story could have worked better if Kerry was more hammy and goofy like Lydia in Endless Summer or Cheerleader OR if Aphrodite was established as more of a jerk to begin with like Sativa in NGFL. The Rules was too dark for me, personally but I honestly your prefer lighthearted stuff in general. This being said, you’ve done some fine work and I hope that you continue on with that tradition.

    • Thanks, this is just the kind of feedback I appreciate. In my Lydia and Tara videos, I have always added the element of the victim getting back at, or dragging the agressor, into the same state of undress. I deliberately left out “Office Help” and “Jenna at the Beach” from my post above because of that reason, which separates them from the more starightforward dominating relationship of “The Rules”.

      That’s a good point about “Lunch Lady” with Amy and Jade. Even though Amy is on the losing end of a strip poker game, and a spanking, she does end up getting back at Jade’s character. Although that was more of an excerise in getting Jade naked, something I added on at the end of the story. But again, this “equalizing” factor differeniates it from my latest video.

      You are right, Kerri is not hammy or goofy. She almost comes off as dead serious, someone you don’t want to mess around with. It was perfect for the part I was looking for. But Lydia in that role would have been totally different.

      And don’t worry, I plan to lighten things up just a bit for my next production!

      • D’oh. I meant to say Jenna at the Beach above instead of Endless Summer. Also, I hope I didn’t come across as over-critical above. My apologies if I did…I look forward to your next production!

  3. I definitely agree that it’s up to the actresses to make sure it doesn’t come across too means spirited. And the story helps too I think. The Rules did have some nice exposition where Aphrodite explains that she is sort of turned on by the whole thing, that she reluctantly likes it so she’ll go along with it. That plus the fact that it is a fantasy genre of sorts where suspension of some disbelief is necessary.

    Also I’d like to add that you should continue to mix these types of videos in with the other types you produce. A nice mix plus I think it’s an easy “out” if you will. I always found it more difficult to write a story where things just seem to happen to the victim or where she brings it on herself by her own doing and then suddenly regretting being in that situation. I think the protagonist-antagonist angle can carry a story better sometimes. That’s just me. I hope I don’t imply that your storytelling is bad or anything. Quite the contrary. Sometimes the protagonist just needs someone to react to.


    • I’m glad you brought up that point, jawz. At the beginning, Lauren admits to a friend over the phone that she kind of likes it. Later, Jessie teases her and even says as much. In the end, when Aphrodite nods in submission that she will be a good girl, there should be the idea that her character is OK with this arrangement.

      I believe from a story-telling perspective, you mean it is better when I have videos with two models, interacting with each other. I absolutely agree. That is why I am pleased to have produced three straight titles including this one, which feature multiple actresses. Nevertheless, a solo performance will likely be in the future, and I will try to keep it creative and fun.

      Thank you!

  4. That’s all right, iquotehamlet, I knew what you meant. And it was a summer video, so it wasn’t far off! I do enjoy hearing what people like and dislike about these productions, your comments were great, not over-critical at all.

  5. I liked the video although it would have been nice to give aphrodite a more compelling reason to obey . I think to lighten a video like this, the model may need to chatter more or be more comically indignant while stripping (like NGFL)

    • I agree, it would have been better if Aphrodite did more ad-lib in between her scripted lines. Looking over the story, it seems the only plausible reason her character obeyed was because she secretly likes it. That could have also been more developed.

  6. To me, Kerri never comes off as 100% serious. She has a way of stylizing her character so that it becomes a bit over the top so as to be a bit campy. This makes her character, to me, not as cruel to Aphrodite as the situation leads us to believe. However, I’d say that if you didn’t have the scene of Aphrodite saying that she secretly liked being made to do these embarrassing things, It would be closer to treading the line between fun and humiliation. But, to me, since I know this is a production that never tries to harm any of the actresses involved, so I hardly ever think about it. Either way, don’t stress too much about the antagonistic ramifications of girls forcing or coercing girls into embarrassing situations because, like you said, it offers many different story types and it seems like you still have plenty different ways to use it in future.

    • I think part of it was me not knowing what to expect from Kerri in the dominating role. I’ve been a fan of her work, and she is totally fun. But Kerri seems to give off the vibe that she would fit right with the black leather and a whip!

      Also, somewhat realted to this overall subject, I am considering in future videos of this style if it is better to have the one who is in control, stay in control the whole time. From a marketing standpoint, it’s always better for me when I can showcase both models get undressed in the video. But for story and character development, a dominant character would more realistically retain the upper hand. There is always the option of a sequel to get back at her…

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