Briella Jaden

This young lady has the knack for contacting me just after I finish a video. Briella Jaden sent me a message in September of 2011, asking if I was interested in working together, right while I was in the middle of editing Cheerleader. She followed up with me again in January, as I was putting the finishing touches on Office Help. Both times, we were able to arrange our schedules and produce a video. Briella has appeared in these titles:

The Haunted Closet

First Day at a New School

After School Special

The Boss is Back

Do Not Disturb



Anything for a Raise

An Exchange of Gifts

Easter Bunny Apprentice

Roll of the Dice

Briella is a slim and pysically fit young woman with blonde-ish hair, which is something of a rarity for me. (The majority of models I work with are brunettes.) She has a small tattoo on her hip, and another tattoo of a flowing flower over the front of one foot. Now I have stated before, I am not a fan of tattoos on females. However, I think the placement on Briella is not too bad, and does not distract from her beauty. From behind, she is near flawless.

Our first shoot was a solo performance, a fun and silly Halloween-themed video. We hit it off very well, and she was very easy to work with. Briella has a sweet personality, and she does put a lot of enthusiasm into a project. I think her acting ability has room for improvement, and has led to some uneven performances. But when she does a scene well, she usually does it very well. I have always enjoyed watching her graceful figure in action.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work with her in a setting where another model was involved.  In this case, an older lady who she has done shoots with before. My classroom-themed video put Briella in a position to play a more embarrassed character, but I did not give her many lines to deliver. I found out that she does have a genuine shyness about her, under certain circumstances, and hope to use that trait in future performances. I see her as a work in progress, almost like the study of a classical sculpture, being refined and discovering exciting new possibilities.

The link below is for the file of a short promotional clip I made with Briella in October, looking ahead to 2012.

Briella NMP

6 responses to “Briella Jaden

  1. Briella pulls off being shy very well. However, she doesn’t seem to be able to portray surprise or shock at her situation with much believability. Casting her as a shy girl in a new school works much better than holding out for a big embarrassed moment at the end. She does a pretty good job of being a bratty, apathetic girl though, and I’d like to see her in a few more videos of her where she can be a shy girl that a “friend” tries to get her to come out of her shell by exposing her a bunch of times. Or perhaps where Briella is bore with her job at either an office or shop of some kind, and decides to quit her job by removing her uniform or suit and streaking the place before leaving. Of course, she’d be cheered on to be naked, and once she removes her underwear, she realizes that she has to leave naked. Her boss may take the opportunity to offer her better pay if she were to continue working there, but only if she’s naked. Either way, I’d love to see more of her, and if you’d like to use my ideas, you don’t need to pay me for it, but you can include a “based on a story idea by” credit if you think it warrants it.

    • Thanks, Ewong! That is an interesting contrast, shy but not surprised. I would say with Briella, the first one is a genuine real emotion, while the second would require better acting, something she needs to work on.

      I was just thinking about the idea of Briella being exposed by a “friend”, who gets her to do increasingly risky dares. The motivation of trying to bring her out of her shell is a possibility.

      I like the Quit My Job scenario. In my mind, I picture her as a frustrated waitress stripping off her uniform. If she wasn’t a model, I could definitely see Briella working as a waitress. Oh, and don’t sweat the legal stuff. I believe in open communication. If you had a specific idea like that above, I would contact you and ask your permission, and credit you in the video.

      Most of all, I’m happy to hear you want to see more of Briella. She is coming up in June, so we will likely do a shoot then. (I’m also working on another shoot for May, which is not Briella related.)

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