Mindy at the Gym

Back in June of 2007, I decided to try my hand at using Windows Movie Maker to create a better presentation for the early clips I was shooting. This program would allow me to use credits and titles, transitions and effects, as well as import a full music soundtrack. I would also begin working at a new location, which had an indoor swimming pool, a tennis court, and gym. This is the first video that I shot at the location, and would use it several times, as recently as Office Help at the end of 2011.

It was the location that inspired me to come up with a simple storyline taking place at a gym. The character that seemed natural for this production was McSkyy’s “Mindy the Exhibitionist”. I’ve always felt the roots of these productions, indeed the original purpose, was to create video based on stories found in the ASN community. Thus was created “Mindy at the Gym”.

This was also when I started working with ModelMayhem as a casting/networking site. I was contacted by a lovely young woman, Alicia Sirabella. She is a beautiful, spicy dark-haired girl of Cuban descent. We spoke over the phone, and she agreed with the concept and to be a part of this project.

The concept, of course, was pretty straightforward. Playing the part of Mindy, who has the habit of getting herself in trouble and unintentionally exposed in public places, Alicia would start out in gym clothes and then wrap herself in a towel to relax by the pool. Unfortunately, it would not be long before getting that towel caught in a sliding glass door, revealing that she has nothing on underneath.

This video is not so much about story and dialogue, but rather putting an attractive girl in the type of situation found in the fictional works of this genre. To be fair, Alicia did not play an especially embarrassed victim, but she looks very good naked, and did a decent job at covering herself when her character thought she might get caught. I was also just finding my way around behind the camera and directing these kinds of productions.

One of the things I liked was Alicia’s starting outfit, the tight-fitting workout pants that has the word “Tickled” across her backside. That was from her own wardrobe, which she wore to the shoot. I would have liked to use Alicia again in future videos, but I was quickly moving on to other models. We did contact each other, maybe a couple of years ago, but never were able to set up a return shoot.

The full video has a classical music soundtrack featuring the Sonata No. 4 by Richard Strauss. I used title cards for whenever Alicia’s character had spoken lines, in the style of a silent movie. Running just shy of 12 minutes, “Mindy at the Gym” is available at my clips4sale store.

Below is a link to download Part 1 of the video, essentially the first two and a half minutes. This is before I was creating outtakes from the shoot. I must give a disclaimer that this preview clip does not contain any nudity. It does show the part where Alicia is changing, and strips down, but this is a teasing shot from behind, and from her waist up. The clip finishes with her walking around the pool in only a towel. Soon, in the full video, she loses the towel and spends more than 9 minutes entirely in the nude.

Mindy at the Gym Preview Clip

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