Eye Spy

Early in 2009, I was looking for creative ideas for a new video. I was planning on featuring two models and thinking about a storyline where the young women play pranks and try to get back at the other. This led to somewhat of a parody of the old “Black Spy” vs. “White Spy” cartoons from Mad Magazine. While this would be the general theme, there was also a nod to the “Get Smart” series, and I pretty much had fun with the whole rival espionage concept.

I started casting for the parts in the Spring, and would end up working with two new ladies for the first (and only!) time. That’s always a bit of a risk on a production, but they both expressed interest in the project. In fact, I was contacted by brown-haired Paige first, and I quickly had her in mind for my “White Spy”. There were a couple of other models up for consideration for the opposite part, but eventually I would work with a raven-haired beauty,  Shira Arielle.

I wrote a script that divided the video into three episodes. Also, playing up the whole White Spy and Black Spy angle, I created the characters Melissa Blanc and Natalia Noir. As agents for enemy organizations, each lady would have an opportunity to embarrass the other leading to their loss of clothing. And then I meant for it to be a surprise as to who would win the third round. Ultimately, I would call the production “Eye Spy”, and it would be released at the end of May.

This video was indeed a challenge and very fun to put together. As for the models themselves, Paige is certainly attractive, but she wasn’t that great of an actor. I didn’t plan to work with her again, nor did she seem inclined to pursue this type of video again. Shira, however, was a different story. I thought she was very beautiful, and intelligent, too. She arrived early for the shoot and we had a chance to talk a while, allowing me to learn more about her. Shira was very creative and someone who could have had a lot of potential with Narrow-minded Productions.

After the video was finished, Shira was excited to see the final version. She enjoyed it, and eagerly e-mailed and texted me about working on another video project.  We had plans to shoot in July, and I already had an idea for a follow-up, a sort of “Eye Spy II”, which would ironically have been a solo performance starring Shira Arielle.

But then something funny happened. As I posted the video outtakes on my dailymotion playlist, like I always do to promote a new release, her boyfriend caught some of the behind-the-scenes moments. Apparently, between takes, Shira showed a bit too much of her gorgeous ass, and even a bit of nipple. I did not think anything of it at the time, but her boyfriend freaked out. I had some unfortunate arguments with Shira, and needless to say, a working relationship with her was not meant to be.

This marks the only time in my professional video-making venture that I have run into the dreaded Jealous Boyfriend Syndrome.

These turn of events notwithstanding, the video for “Eye Spy” was an entertaining production, featuring funny and exaggerated methods of the girls stripping each other. This one was a rare title that used a variety of music selections including the (legally obtained) theme to Peter Gunn by Henry Mancini, Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, and more heavy metal from Liquid Overload with their track, “Stress”.

Below is a link to download a preview clip of the first part of “Eye Spy”. The full video is 12 minutes, and available at my Clips4Sale store.

Eye Spy – Preview Clip

11 responses to “Eye Spy

  1. When this video came out, I felt that Shira Arielle was the first person since Sativa who could play someone who is authoritative and sexy, but also can be vulnerable once her clothes come off. She was a perfect fit for the character here, and I had hoped to see her in more videos from you. Too bad her boyfriend wouldn’t let her. To me, there hasn’t really been a girl since then that could capture a role like that. Tara and Lydia come close, but it seems like everyone in your videos makes a stylized approach to make it more fun and silly instead of making it feel like I was watching a serious movie or television show. Maybe it’s just me, but I enjoy ENF better when it feels like I’m watching real people in these situations and not a sitcom. That doesn’t mean I don’t like what you’re producing. I’m glad that you’re making these types of films at all, and I hope that you don’t think my criticism was too harsh.

    • It might be a matter of personality. Lydia, for example, is by nature silly and outgoing in a funny way. I think she can’t help turning a performance into comedy, and it is hard for me to picture her in a serious role. Tara could probably do the authoritative and then vulnerable as you mentioned, but she gets caught up in the light-heartedness of a production with Lydia.

      No question, realism is not one of my strong points, so I appreciate you giving me something to consider.

      Thanks for all the feedback!

  2. Far be it from me to wish for the dissolution of a romantic relationship, but I can’t help but contemplete the titillating potential for future Shira-featured NMP productions in the event of a “tragic” break-up… 😉

    • Are you suggesting I should reach out to Shira and just casually ask if she is still seeing this guy… hehe, sure I could work with her again in a heartbeat. But I would have to be able to trust her and see what her comfort with nudity is.

      Anything is possible, people’s lives do change.

  3. You know, I’d have to wonder if you’d ever do a sequel with Lydia, Tara, Kerri, or Briella. Lydia is an obvious choice, and Tara is good at playing opposite her, but I’d like to see her playing opposite someone else that also has a big personality (Kerri), or someone who is almost her opposite (Briella). Depending on the story, you can have them be rival spies again, or have Lydia play an experienced spy training a rookie. With this idea, the rookie would be in danger of falling for a few “traps” and Lydia would try to save her, but end up springing the trap on herself, being stripped every time. Each time, she would be reprimanded by her superior for setting a “bad example” for the new recruit. The final scene will somehow place both of them in a “sticky situation” where they have to work together, meaning that they both end up naked in the process. But this also means that they finally learn to trust each other and complete the mission, which pleases their boss who lets them continue to be partners, to both girls’ chagrin!

    • That’s very good, and a well-thought out story. Immediately, my reaction is that I would like to team up Lydia with Kerri. I could see Kerri as a super sexy spy in charge of the bumbling rookie, Lydia. This would probably play out similar to the second half of Office Help. But I like your idea about how there is a boss involved in this assignment, and the way it plays out. This will give me something to consider for upcoming videos.

  4. If I remember rightly, a bit hit and miss, partly due to Paige’s performance, but fun when it worked and loved the idea. So I do hope there is a sequel someday, even with different actresses.

    Would have been nice to see Shira Arielle again so pity about the boyfriend issue.

    • Yeah, I’ve even used the word cringe-worthy for some moments with Paige. In spite of this, it was still a special video. I don’t mean to dwell on the whole Shira thing. It’s regrettable, but also amusing in that this is the only time it’s happened to me. More of a wasted potential, but there have been plenty other ladies willing to take her place!

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