Salad Au Natural

On a chilly March day in 2008, I booked my third shoot with Sativa Verte. We were working very well together, and I knew I could get a lot out of her. I had set up the day to shoot two separate videos. The first of these would be “Salad Au Natural”.

Our previous production had been Monkey Business, where I introduced the characters of the Grimble Gang. Since then, I came upon a little stuffed bear dressed in a chef’s outfit. I thought this would be perfect for a funny café style scenario.

The interesting thing about this video is that I had been receiving feedback from viewers who wanted to hear Sativa speak her own lines. Physically, she had already demonstrated that she was a fine actor. The only thing missing was her voice, as the first two videos were done silent film style. Outtakes notwithstanding, “Salad Au Natural” would be the first production that Sativa has spoken delivery.

I remember when discussing this shoot with her, that I told Sativa I wanted her character to be more playful. That is because in the previous one, she was in an office setting and had an understandably more angry reaction to the Grimble Gang. Wanting to change things up a bit, this approach had her more submissive and compliant to the chef’s demands.

The storyline itself was classic silliness. Sativa goes to a new café and chooses from the menu an item called the Salad Au Natural. The only catch is, as the chef bear tells her, she most literally eat the salad au natural. That is, completely in the buff. Sativa’s character reacts in shock at first, but says that she really likes it here and wants to try the salad. If she does not follow the restaurant’s curious rule, she will be asked to leave. With a little reluctance, the curly-haired brunette acquiesces with a good attitude.

Some creative things I enjoyed about this video include calling the name of the café “Chez Bear Honey.” This was an obvious play on words with the idea of an innocent honey bear, and Sativa herself who would become a bare honey. I also liked the scene when I positioned the camera outside the window, lending a voyeuristic feel to Sativa eating her salad. After finishing her meal, Sativa realizes that she left her wallet at home. She goes through a comedic frantic search and desperate solicitations to pay her bill. In the end, the chef lets her walk back home to get her money… but only after keeping her clothes as collateral!

The request Sativa makes to at least put on her socks, was because it really was cold that day. I decided to give her a break, and not make her walk outside barefoot.

Sativa herself had fun playing off the little stuffed bear, and did a fantastic job. She looks deliciously cute in this video. I did use a classical music soundtrack, the Hungarian Dance 5 by Johannes Brahms, which I kept running at a low volume the whole time under the video.

Here is a promotional preview clip I made, for the first 2 and a half minutes. It does not contain any nudity, but leads up to Sativa starting to remove her shirt. The full video is just over 10 minutes and is available at my Clips4Sale store.

Salad Au Natural – Preview Clip 

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