Location, location, location

This is something I have tried to make a strength of my productions. When I first started shooting these smaller videos on my own, I booked two models in a rehearsal studio. I was never happy with such a limitation. It was so much better once I was able to use a private office suite, and a property with a large house allowing for a variety of possibilities of scenes.

Since then, I have tried to look for different, if not unique, settings for each video. While I have sometimes used a “theme” more than once, I do like it when I can mix things up with a new location. Some of my favorites include the stage in the lower level of a theatre, the beach front house on the water, and of course a classroom in a small business college. And  let’s not forget a Knights of Columbus meeting hall, in the middle of a busy intersection! I have booked shoots in different private homes, which were all lovely, but I wanted to keep things fresh. Even my own house, I have only used once and reluctantly at that.

Still on my list that I would like to one day do a video for:

  1. Another academic setting with broader areas, such as the hallways of a high school.
  2. A YMCA/Gym location with a wrestling or boxing ring to try a WWE parody.

I should add that I dread shooting in a hotel, which I have only done twice. The exception would be if I am actually using the hotel to set up more of a public nudity/embarrassment angle. So I should clarify, a girl running down the hallway nude is always fun. But being stuck in a boring room for most of the shoot is not so great.

It is my intention to continue to scout for interesting locations that are both feasible for these types of videos, and will provide much entertainment. An inspired setting can make a production, just as much as a good acting performance.


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