Quote of the Day

“Wow… a full blown, natural un-pruned bush!”

~Katy Cee as Rikki in Nice Girls Finish Last

A memorable exclamation of shock, and amused surprise, from Katy’s character, Rikki. In the process of making Sativa Verte strip as part of a robbery, Katy delivers taunts and teases throughout the ordeal. But even she is taken aback and impressed when Sativa reluctantly drops her panties to reveal what was hidden underneath.

I think what also makes this line a lot of fun is Katy’s British accent, as well as Sativa playing a mortified damsel in distress.

Memorial Day

Where I come from, today is a day of remembrance.

It is a day spent with friends and family. We will have our barbeque and fly our flag, and raise a beer in salute of those who gave their lives for our country.

I am to remember this, that I do what I do because I am free. And there is no doubt in my mind, I am able to do what I do because of the men and women who serve at home and overseas who have made it so.

If there are any Veterans or family members of Veterans who read this, thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Preview Clip: Anatomy of a Dare

Due to the nature of this video, there weren’t really any outtakes to share. In fact, it is almost like the full video was one big series of outtakes, with me giving instructions to Aphrodite and bantering back and forth. Most of what appeared in the full video is what I captured on camera. About the only parts I cut out were when I was moving around and just shot some random scenery.

Instead, I have put together a Preview Clip that runs over 5 and a half minutes.

The first 2 minutes feature highlights from the video.

The last 3 minutes or so includes new content with Aphrodite that we shot after the main video shoot. She was a little tired, and I gave her an opportunity to lie down and rest after all that walking and running around.

Below is the link to download the clip.

Anatomy of a Dare – Preview Clip


Behind the Scenes Stills – Babysitting Without a Net

I didn’t want the month of May to pass without uploading some of these photographs taken from behind the scenes, during the making of Babysitting Without a Net.

These were posted at my old newsgroup, and I figured now was as good a time as any to put them up here. As I have mentioned before, this independent film was a full scale production with a director and assistant director, professional cinematographer with a camera crew, as well as lighting, electric and key grip crews. We also used two production designers, one for the principle photography shot in New York, and another for the final classroom scene we shot out in Los Angeles.

It was this week, seven years ago, when we wrapped up the filming of this project. Then the fun of post-production started!

Anatomy of a Dare

I have brought Aphrodite back for this new video, which follows a loose framework that she is dared to go for a drive in just a short jacket, with nothing on underneath. I then have her progressively explore some bolder public nudity. Among her activities, Aphrodite runs around a school yard/playground; I drive down the road with her sitting totally naked in the passenger seat; I make her use a jump rope fully nude!

This production is relatively story-light and more about watching the curvy young woman’s daring escapades.

The full video is just over 24 minutes. I have divided it into 3 parts, each segment about 8 minutes.

For a music soundtrack, I selected a lively piece that is an ancient Greek song called, “Dance of Satyrs”. It has a playful spirit, and one can almost imagine Aphrodite prancing outdoors like a woodland nymph.

The full video is available at my Clips4Sale store.

New Video Shoot

I just finished a mid-day shoot on a gorgeous Spring afternoon. This project brings back the cute and curvy Aphrodite. I was inspired by the end of her previous video, where she was last seen running out of the house completely nude. The general concept of prolonged outdoor nudity is something I wanted to explore, and having her cast into the position of getting caught up in a dare seemed like a good fit.

For those who are wondering, Aphrodite’s real name is Areti, which is Greek for “virtue”. It is not that far from the modeling name she uses, so I will credit her as Aphrodite in the production, but she is fine with me referring to her real name.

I do have a preference for women of Mediterranean descent, whether Italian or Spanish or Greek. Areti is a nice combination of Greek and Latin heritage, so I admit that she was a personal choice of mine to shoot with again.

Below are a few pictures I snapped with my still camera. I think this only gives the slightest tease of what we accomplished today. Among the other dares I had the young lady do are: running and playing around a school yard/playground; sitting in the passenger seat of my car totally naked as I drive down the road; using a jump rope fully nude!

I will have more screen captures to share as I finish editing the video.

Stay tuned!

Endless Summer

When I finished my video for All or Nothing, I knew immediately that I wanted to work with Amy Starr again. I would have that opportunity in June of 2010. She enjoyed the first production we put together, and was eager to be involved with another project.

Once I secured her interest, the next step for me was finding a suitable location. I wanted something new, and with the warm weather, was planning to focus on a more extended outdoor scenario. This is when I decided to contact some homeowners in the area who put their houses on the market for seasonal rentals during this time of year. I figured these are people who do not mind letting strangers stay in their house for weeks at a time, they ought to be open to renting out their property for a few hours.

I contacted someone who had a nice house and a beautiful, landscaped backyard, and he agreed to rent me the use of his place for the shoot. We were all set for the last Saturday of June, just before the peek vacation season.

Now this was also a time when my car would begin its last gasps of life. As luck would have it, the morning of the shoot as I was leaving to pick up Amy from the train station, my car broke down. It turned out the fuel pump finally went. I had to arrange for a tow truck to bring me to the service station, and then hastily book a rental car. The whole episode made me about an hour late, but Amy was very understanding.

One of the unforeseen results of this incident was that as I was transferring my equipment bag from my car to the rental vehicle, I forgot to grab my tripod. This meant the video would be shot completely free-hand, something of a first for me. Although I did try to steady the camera on a flat surface whenever I could. At least I remembered to bring the camera! I will say in retrospect, this made it easier to follow Amy’s actions around and I don’t mind going without a tripod when there is a lot of movement.

The story itself that I devised was a simple idea of Amy arriving at her distant relative’s house to spend the summer break. I needed to provide a context that she was in a location unfamiliar to her character. This was because while preparing to lie out in the sun, she would get her shirt caught in the sliding glass doors. Once locked outside, Amy would go through a run of bad luck of her own, losing the rest of her clothes piece by piece. She would then spend the majority of the video stuck outside naked, anxious about the return of her relatives.

A couple of points I found noteworthy. The availability of the pool allowed for a brilliant skinny-dipping interlude, where Amy’s character almost forgets her circumstances and starts to feel a little too good, before coming to her senses. It was hot out that day, and she was grateful for the refreshing dip. And also, the development of her character’s cousin “Rachel” was entirely Amy’s idea as she adlibbed about her situation and possible events, exploring the notion she was being pranked the whole time.

The video comes to an abrupt but exciting end, when Amy has to open the front door to sign for a package delivery, and a car drives by for real. That seemed to be an appropriate place to finish, before we got into any more trouble.

The music soundtrack for this video is from Antonio Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”: Summer. An appropriate selection, I think, considering the title and overall feel of this production. Everything one might associate with the season… warm, sunny, beautiful, fun; all this is captured by Amy’s performance.

Below is a link to download the file for the Outtakes video. At one point, Amy says to me, “I want something to be good for you today,” in reference to my car trouble. Boy did she ever make it worthwhile!

The full video is 19 minutes and is available at my Clips4Sale store.

Endless Summer – Outtakes