May Update

It is the first of the month, and I am making plans to shoot my next video!

With the warmer weather approaching, I would like to focus on some more extended outdoor activity. The idea I have been considering involves starting at a safe location, where the model can get comfortable and do her hair and make-up and all that, and then we would drive out to some public spots to try some risky nudity.

Earlier in this blog, I posted about my video The Wine Tasting, which ended with Sativa Verte running bare through a public building and outside in broad daylight. It was a very exciting experience and a lot of fun. I was also thinking back to the end of The Rules, where I was amazed to get Aphrodite to walk out of the house completely nude and go as far as the driveway, within view of the street.

What I would like to do is something less scripted and more spontaneous, with the theme being about a young lady who engages in some daring adventures. The key concept is that this is not meant to be exhibitionist, but rather the girl will be embarrassed and nervous about getting caught.

I have someone already in consideration, but as always, timing and schedule will determine who I work with for this video.

Stay tuned!


6 responses to “May Update

  1. Daring adventures? You mean like that “private exhibitionist” idea I pitched you back in OneClickChicks?

    • The private exhibitionist is a nice concept. I was reading the outline of the story idea you suggested, and I do like the clothes blowing off the roof of a building, and then the girl working her way back down. If I could find such a location, that is something I would want to explore.

      It might depend on who I end up using for this video. One approach I am thinking about is more “raw”, with me driving her around in the car, finding a location and daring her to see how far she will go. This might be a more guerilla style production. I’m still fine-tuning the details.

      • Nice.

        So when you say “adventures,” do you mean this video will be the start of a series of “episodes,” like the same girl going to different locations on each video, or will the video consist of multiple locations/

        As for the “who,” will the girl be new (to NMP) or will we have seen her before?

  2. The video will consist of multiple locations, that is for certain. I want to make the most out of this opportunity.

    However, could this spring board into an ongoing series of episodes? I would say that is very likely, depending on how successful we are… and if we don’t get into trouble!

    I have models up for consideration, who I worked with before, recently. There is a slight chance if things did not work out, I might contact a new girl. It could be tough to work with someone for the first time, and throw them into this type of situation. If it was Sativa or Amy, this would be a piece of cake. That was kind of where I was heading with them. Now it’s time I want to realize the potential for more embarrassed public nudity.

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