Town Hall

This is one of those videos in which the location heavily influenced the direction of the story. At the end of the summer in 2009, I was looking for a new place to shoot. There was an old Knights of Columbus meeting hall not far from the office suites where I had filmed some of my earlier productions. I noticed a sign that advertised the building was available for rent, and put in a phone call. Arrangements were made, and I scheduled a shoot for the last weekend of August.

Now this is where there came a little twist. With my location set, I was contacted by a new model replying to the casting call I posted. She liked the idea I had in mind, and seemed eager to be a part of this project. The only problem was that she lived in Massachusetts and said she would drive down. I was a little dubious, but she assured me it would be no problem.

Sure enough, on the morning of the shoot, this model called me to apologize and say she was having car trouble. I do believe this is the only time I have had such a last minute cancellation. So I quickly called up the location manager, and was able to move my rental of the building up one more week. I then set about posting a second casting call.

And this is how Amanda Evans contacted me. Amanda is a slim, physically fit platinum blonde who had plenty of experience as a model. I explained the video concept, and she too thought it would be a fun idea. Also, she would be coming out from the city by train, so I didn’t have to worry about car trouble!

Now, having a meeting hall secured as the location, the idea I came up with was about a young lady practicing a speech she has to give in front of important community officials. We are all familiar with the expression, if you are nervous about speaking in front of a group, you should just picture the audience in their underwear, or naked. Well for this story, I gave it a little bit of a twist, and Amanda wonders what it would be like if she was the one naked. Her character’s reasoning was that if she could practice the speech nude, then she would have no problem once she was properly dressed.

Obviously, this “rehearsal” is meant to take place before any of the community members arrive at the Town Hall. I also cast Amanda as a college student going for a degree in political science, to give her some context and explain why she might be speaking before this audience. The only problem with her plan was that after she hangs up her clothes near the entrance, they are mistakenly taken by some guy picking up the dry cleaning! Amanda goes through her speech completely naked, and then discovers her clothes are missing. She spends the remainder of the video scampering around, before she reluctantly comes to the conclusion she must drive to the cleaners to get back her things.

I should mention that while Amanda Evans is a beautiful young lady and gave a pretty decent performance, she does have some body tattoos that I find off-putting. Again, I tried to shoot around this and at different angles. I think she had fun with this video, but it is the only production she appears in. This would make her one of my one-hit wonders.

Released in September 2009, the full video is 14 minutes. For music, I used the graduation recessional “Pomp and Circumstance” by Sir Edward Elgar to go with the college theme, and the flavor it lends to an auspicious opportunity to speak at the Town Hall. Below is a link to download the 3 minute trailer I made. The video itself is available at my clips4sale store.

Town Hall – Trailer


5 responses to “Town Hall

  1. You know I was thinking of this video recently. And in fact I even re-watched it recently, before you posted about it. I agree with you about the tattoo being “off-putting” Why a beautiful woman would do this is beyond me. The human body is a work of art. It’d be like painting over the Mona Lisa with a smiley face sticker. But I digress. Anyway, I liked Amanda’s performance and she is definitely one of my favorite of your “one hit wonders” as you put it. Shame (to me at least) she never came back for another production.


  2. Absolutely agree, jawz, which is why I aim to portray these women in an artistic light, while still trying to be funny and entertaining.

    Amanda was good, she was able to get into the character, take direction and run with it. As you watched her read the “speech” I prepared for her, that was her first time seeing the document, so her speaking skills were great. She had good instincts looking for objects to try and hide her nudity as she was sneaking around the building.

    Just to clarify, after re-reading my post, Amanda is the second model who contacted me after the first one cancelled. So it was that turn of events, which led her to get this part.

    My approach with the various models I’ve worked with is that there are some I will actively follow up with and look to coordinate multiple shoots. Then there are those who I am not going to chase after, but they are free to contact me. If Amanda ever wanted to do another video, I would not turn her away, although she is not at the top of my list to work with.

  3. Like jawz, for some reason this came to mind recently. I liked the idea and it was decently done as I remember it, wouldn’t have minded seeing Amanda again. Not a huge fan of tattoo’s, there is the odd one that looks lovely or cute but it often would be better to be tattoo-less.

    • I wonder why everyone has been thinking about this video!

      Here’s something I haven’t mentioned. That building is no longer around. They took it down about 6 months or so after this shoot, for some construction in the area. That makes this location noteworthy in a historical sort of way.

      Amanda was probably the last naked woman in that meeting hall.

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