The Narrow-minded Mobile

This is a short clip I posted at my newsgroup back in 2010, after I picked up a new car.

The automobile that is featured in this montage was my Pontiac GrandAm, which I purchased new in 2002. I was able to squeeze 8 years out of that car and close to 200,000 miles. This predates before I even started in the film and video business, and I had a lot of good times and memories. Once I started working on “Babysitting Without a Net”, I made plenty of trips back and for the from the east end of Long Island to Manhattan.

Later, the videos I used my old car in would include Mindy at the Gym, Town Hall, and Hacker.

Since I’ve been with my new transportation, it has so far made appearances in Office Help and at the end of The Rules.

Below is the download link for the 1 minute 40 second clip. When I put this together, I used the music of Sammy Hagar’s “I Can’t Drive 55”. That might be too literal, but it’s a good song.

Narrow-minded Mobile

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