New Video Shoot

I just finished a mid-day shoot on a gorgeous Spring afternoon. This project brings back the cute and curvy Aphrodite. I was inspired by the end of her previous video, where she was last seen running out of the house completely nude. The general concept of prolonged outdoor nudity is something I wanted to explore, and having her cast into the position of getting caught up in a dare seemed like a good fit.

For those who are wondering, Aphrodite’s real name is Areti, which is Greek for “virtue”. It is not that far from the modeling name she uses, so I will credit her as Aphrodite in the production, but she is fine with me referring to her real name.

I do have a preference for women of Mediterranean descent, whether Italian or Spanish or Greek. Areti is a nice combination of Greek and Latin heritage, so I admit that she was a personal choice of mine to shoot with again.

Below are a few pictures I snapped with my still camera. I think this only gives the slightest tease of what we accomplished today. Among the other dares I had the young lady do are: running and playing around a school yard/playground; sitting in the passenger seat of my car totally naked as I drive down the road; using a jump rope fully nude!

I will have more screen captures to share as I finish editing the video.

Stay tuned!

11 responses to “New Video Shoot

    • My original plan was to have her wear a long T-shirt, but then she showed up with that short coat. I thought she looked very sexy in it. Her legs look great.

      There is some fun activity in this upcoming video!

  1. Another vote for the short coat. I think wearing only that can be just as sexy as being naked. Also loved the road pic. Textbook ENF.

    • I’m looking forward to releasing the video. You have often shared some great ENF clips from Mexican cinema. Areti kind of reminds me of an actress who might be in that kind of film.

    • I did indulge myself a little with this one. I’ll get back to making a serious production next time, heh!

      Glad you made it over here to the blog.

  2. and yet again some inspiring head-to-toe ENF from helmhood (that bed pic is amazing) to which there is only one appropriate response: drooling

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