Anatomy of a Dare

I have brought Aphrodite back for this new video, which follows a loose framework that she is dared to go for a drive in just a short jacket, with nothing on underneath. I then have her progressively explore some bolder public nudity. Among her activities, Aphrodite runs around a school yard/playground; I drive down the road with her sitting totally naked in the passenger seat; I make her use a jump rope fully nude!

This production is relatively story-light and more about watching the curvy young woman’s daring escapades.

The full video is just over 24 minutes. I have divided it into 3 parts, each segment about 8 minutes.

For a music soundtrack, I selected a lively piece that is an ancient Greek song called, “Dance of Satyrs”. It has a playful spirit, and one can almost imagine Aphrodite prancing outdoors like a woodland nymph.

The full video is available at my Clips4Sale store.

12 responses to “Anatomy of a Dare

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    • Hey ewong, just so I understand, the sendspace limit is after you download the first file, right? Then you have to wait a certain amount of time before you can download the next.

      I’m going to suggest people treat this as 3 separate videos. if you can download Part 1 and watch it today, that’s great. And then look forward to the next Part tomorrow and the day after. If folks are patient enough to get all 3 files today, even better. But there is not a strong story thread through the videos so it is not so bad watching them apart from each other.


    • Thank you very much! For my next video, I am definitely planning to go back to two women and a more scripted story. This one was a bit of a playful diversion for me. I felt I needed a break and wanted to try something different.

      Right now, I will be preparing a promotional clip with some extra bonus material I shot with Aphrodite. Then I can start thinking about what I will shoot in June.

  2. Sorry for lateness, wanted to wait till I was feeling better before watching. Nicely enough, the day I watched was the day the sun came out after a drab week.

    If I ever streaked, I would demand shoes! Sound was a problem at times but to be expected, surprised at the amount of times the jacket got mentioned early on. Aphrodite took awhile to get going, she seemed shy and lacking in initiative. However she was great in the cheerleader scene, when she showed a sense of humour and her performance began to pick up. The peeking around the corner at start of part 2, glancing at the windows, going down the slide and a few others were nice examples of when she seemed to react to suggestions or showed some spontaneity, once she showed a spark then the film became quite enjoyable. She didn’t seem entirely comfortable on the road but perked up when in the car.

    Had more fun then I expect with this kind of video. Thanks Helmhood

    • Hey mackaie, good to hear things are brightening up over there!

      Thank you for the response, and I’m glad you were able to enjoy this one. Some times I wonder if there is a language or cultural barrier with her. She speaks and understands English well enough, but has a certain naivety about her. Like when we were driving to the lcoation, she would ask me, “Why aren’t there trees like this in Brooklyn?”

      I should have another clip to share from the end of the shoot, which I will share this weekend.

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