Behind the Scenes Stills – Babysitting Without a Net

I didn’t want the month of May to pass without uploading some of these photographs taken from behind the scenes, during the making of Babysitting Without a Net.

These were posted at my old newsgroup, and I figured now was as good a time as any to put them up here. As I have mentioned before, this independent film was a full scale production with a director and assistant director, professional cinematographer with a camera crew, as well as lighting, electric and key grip crews. We also used two production designers, one for the principle photography shot in New York, and another for the final classroom scene we shot out in Los Angeles.

It was this week, seven years ago, when we wrapped up the filming of this project. Then the fun of post-production started!

10 responses to “Behind the Scenes Stills – Babysitting Without a Net

  1. All wannabe ENF producers/directors/writers probably have no idea what it takes to make a high quality film like BSWON. The amount of people/money/talent/time/equipment etc

    Thanks for a great one !

    • The thing that is most taken for granted, out of what you mentioned, is the time involved with a project like this. There were months of preparation, the parts were actually cast for, and the girls had four separate rehearsals before we even started shooting in May. The result of course, was a polished and well executed production.

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