Preview Clip: Anatomy of a Dare

Due to the nature of this video, there weren’t really any outtakes to share. In fact, it is almost like the full video was one big series of outtakes, with me giving instructions to Aphrodite and bantering back and forth. Most of what appeared in the full video is what I captured on camera. About the only parts I cut out were when I was moving around and just shot some random scenery.

Instead, I have put together a Preview Clip that runs over 5 and a half minutes.

The first 2 minutes feature highlights from the video.

The last 3 minutes or so includes new content with Aphrodite that we shot after the main video shoot. She was a little tired, and I gave her an opportunity to lie down and rest after all that walking and running around.

Below is the link to download the clip.

Anatomy of a Dare – Preview Clip


4 responses to “Preview Clip: Anatomy of a Dare

  1. I was just watching both of Aphrodite’s videos again & of course was wondering could there be a return visit by this gorgeous girl sometime next year.

    • Yeah, I really like Aphrodite. Look how cute she is, for example, in that bed picture. What I would like to do is find a video idea that will showcase her in the best way.

      I am considering more of a public nudity story in the vein of “Mystery Shopper”. The problem with the dare video is it was just me and her talking to each other, while she strolled around nude. Next time, I will put her in the context of a story where she loses her clothes and reacts to being caught outside naked.

      • Are you thinking of something similar to “Under New Management”? This has many aspects of “The Rules”.

        If you are short of ideas try , if you are not a member already.

        If I have not said/written already the story I would LOVE to see most is a live action version of “Cyber-Hell”–Mutchmore/ ,but this of course would require the talents of all the actreses you used far & at least a few more – not to mention a huge budget.

      • The relationship between a dominating manager and employee, I could see using, even the same characters. But the events of “Under New Management” might take a while to reproduce in a video. But something similiar, yes, that could work.

        Thanks for the links. I’m always looking for new ideas or inspiration for future videos!

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