To Catch a Thief

Featuring the talents of Tara Rose and Lydia Lael

Tara is a sexy cat-burglar who gets caught breaking into an office after hours by Lydia, a rookie security guard. The red-haired robber is not at all impressed with this young recruit who is certain to make some comical mistakes. However, both ladies end up bound together, as they try to find a way out after all their clothes are locked up.

The full video runs over 21 minutes and is separated into 3 parts, available at my Clips4Sale store.

For the music soundtrack, I used Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 8 in A minor, the Allegro maestoso movement.

June 20 Video Shoot

On the official first day of Summer, I just finished a vide shoot with Tara Rose and Lydia Lael. It was also one of the hottest days of the year here in New York! This will be the fourth production that I have teamed up these two ladies.

In the upcoming video, Tara plays a cocky and confident thief who gets caught by a rookie security guard, Lydia, who is eager to bring the criminal to justice, but is easily confused.

The story and acting is a light-hearted romp, and I think has a “keystone cops” type of feel to it. And it also features two girls handcuffed to each other without any clothes on.

Below are some still photos I took during the shoot. I would like to have the video edited by the end of the month.

Stay tuned!

Quote of the Day

“I suggest a trade. I give you a few pages, if you let me have your sweater.”

~Suzann in The History Report

This is from the video in which I teamed up Suzann Amarillo with Jade Indica. I had written a light-hearted blackmail story about a mischievous girl taking another student’s report and holding the schoolwork in exchange for a ransom of clothes. The interesting thing is, after our first two videos, Suzann was very interested in this project and made herself quite familiar with the script. She did a better job than Jade in delivering the lines.

This one sets the stage as it is the first article of clothing demanded. It starts out innocent enough, until Suzann eventually has Jade strip fully nude.

The other previous videos, I edited to use a full music soundtrack and present silent-film style. So this is one of the few finished productions to hear Suzann and her sexy Spanish accent.


For my third video with Amy Starr, I would have to wait until September of 2010. We arranged to shoot on a Wednesday night, which turned out to be unseasonably warm for that time of year. Through business connections, I had access to a new office that I would be using for the location.

I must have been watching too much NCIS at the time, because that is what inspired me in part for the story. I wanted to use the idea of a high-stakes transfer of classified information, a kind of cat and mouse game between two agents on opposite sides of the computer. That was the thought behind this scenario, anyway.

For Amy’s character, I had her slick back her long dark hair and wear it in a braided ponytail. I also had her start out this episode dressed all in black, including boots. It might just be my personal preferences, but I thought the complete look for her was very sexy.

Now the idea was for her character to be meeting at a rendezvous, a secret spot to make this transaction with a mysterious person on the other end of the computer. Communication was done by instant message, I used title cards with a white background and blue font that typed out across the screen in order to pull this off.

The plot involved Amy transferring a large sum of money in exchange for an important file. By the way he writes, it is suggested that the mysterious person is an unsavory character, and perhaps Amy is reluctant to deal with him. Her motives are left unclear; is she doing this as part of an assignment, or does she want the file for selfish reasons?

Unfortunately for Amy, the person with the file has some motives of his own, and has hacked into the heating system of the building. The rising temperature causes Amy to grow uncomfortable, as she takes off her first layer of clothing while waiting for the download. In fact, it was very hot in the upstairs room, so it worked out perfectly with Amy repeatedly wiping her brow and complaining about the heat.

Watching this video again, what I tried to create is the suspension of disbelief that this could have been an episode of a crime drama on cable television. The exciting thing for me is seeing this beautiful young woman, and the anticipation that she will go all the way, and get totally naked. Again, I believe Amy looks truly gorgeous in this one.

At the end, I added a twist when she goes to collect a fax confirmation of her payment transfer. Thinking to turn the tables on the mysterious agent, Amy mentions now they can trace where he is. But then when she goes to retrieve the downloaded file, her character is in for a little surprise.

Because we shot this video at night in the middle of the week, I was able to get her to run to my car in the parking lot, completely bare.

The music soundtrack I used for this video was Mendelssohn’s “Hebrides Overture”. Not there was any significance for choosing this track. I was just looking for a classical piece, and I happen to like this one.

The full video runs over 18 minutes, and is available at my Clips4Sale store.

Below is a link to download the file for the Outtakes of the video.

Hacker – Outtakes

Jenna at the Beach

A year ago last June I was looking for a new location to shoot a video. I had the idea that I wanted a beach setting, which is something I had never done before. So I went about contacting some vacation rental spots. My first attempt led me to a property that was up on the shore, but overlooking a steep incline. It was not exactly right on the water. Nevertheless, I was making arrangements with the owner when he had me run the whole thing by his wife. I explained that I would be doing photography, both video and still, and would be working with models who would be nude. Suddenly, she did not think it was such a good idea.

It is interesting how things always work out in the long run. The next location I looked into, would prove to be far superior, and in fact was outstanding. The owner was very easygoing and understanding, and she was delighted to have me shoot there. This was a beachfront home, very close to the water.  We scheduled to book the property on a Monday morning.

Inspired by the beach area, I looked to inspiration for the story from some online writings by Jenna Burlinski. Over at her Embarrassing Situations group, she had once given an account about the time her friends took her to a hotel for her birthday. I believe this can be found in the archives, in May of 2006. Using the incident as a springboard, I drafted a script for Jenna at the Beach.

Now at the time, I was just coming off my previous video with Amy Starr, who I had already cast in the role of “Jenna” in my production, Lunch Lady. I intended to do so again. Unfortunately, this was right when Amy left town, and she would not be back for a while. So I started to go about casting for the parts of Jenna and her friend Andrea.

I was first contacted by Tara Rose, who explained that she was friends with and worked with Lydia Lael. Shortly afterward, I was also contacted by Lydia expressing an interest in the project. She had just done some work with Dragonfire Productions, so I was somewhat familiar with Lydia. I decided I would have Tara play the part of “Jenna” due to her roundish bottom and dark hair.

Here is a little nugget of trivia. Also responding to my casting call was Kerri Taylor. It was another attempt for us to try to coordinate our schedules for a video shoot. If I could have made this happen, it would have been a three girl production. Likely I would have cast Kerri as the title character and made both Tara and Lydia her friends. But Kerri was not available on the Monday, after I had already booked the location. Again, I think it all probably worked out for the best.

I picked up Tara and Lydia from the train station on what would be a beautiful, warm sunny morning. We drove out to the location, and I had the pleasure of listening to them chatting away the whole ride. There would be no trouble with chemistry between these two.

As a matter of fact, I found it very easy to work with both ladies. They goofed around and joked a lot and had fun, but when it was time to do a take, they were intent on the script and what they needed to do, and then some. This video featured a lot of adlibbing and improvisation, off of the prepared dialogue, which is exactly what I was looking for. The girls were quick on their feet, and captured the personalities of their respective characters; Tara as an awkward and shy young woman, while Lydia was the more adventurous one, having some fun at her friend’s expense.

The beach itself was a little more crowded than I would have liked, which surprised me for a Monday morning. But we managed to pull off the bikini snatching scene outdoors without causing a disturbance. The second half of the video moves into the beach house, which had a lot of room for the girls to scamper around, especially once Lydia loses her bikini as well. As enjoyable as it is to watch Tara and Lydia in their bare birthday suits, the highlight was the comedic dialogue delivered as the two friends bickered back and forth.

One of the things that made this video special is that I had just upgraded to a new computer, one using Windows 7. This allowed me to start working with Windows Live Movie Maker, editing software that I could import the HD video files directly from my camera. The result is the sharpest quality I had produced up to that point, and have been using ever since.

For the music soundtrack, I picked J.S. Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 at the beginning of the video, and for an interlude where Lydia is playing in the shallow waves.

I have to say, this is one of my personal favorites as far as videos I’ve made. It was one of those projects where everything just clicked and I was very happy with the finished production. I am still amazed that after more than a year of working with Amy Starr, I had had the good fortune to book Lydia and Tara together who would go on to deliver wonder performances in this, and subsequent videos.

Below is a link to download the Outtakes video for Jenna at the Beach. The full video is about 17 minutes, and is available in two parts at my Clips4Sale store.

Jenna at the Beach – Outtakes


The Little Lost Mermaid

This is another video I produced with Sativa Verte in March of 2008. It was shot on the same day, after we finished Salad Au Natural.

It was my intention to take a less scripted and experimental approach with this one. After doing three stripping videos with Sativa, in this one I wanted to have her completely naked from start to finish. The idea would be that she was just about to get into the shower, when she realized there were no towels. Bashfully, Sativa crept out of the bathroom, only to have the door close and lock behind her! Some improvised embarrassed scampering follows.

Another thing I set out to incorporate was some hidden nudity whenever I could. Of course, Sativa shows everything, so it was not my goal to keep her absolutely hidden the whole time. Just some fun moments when she passed in front of an object, or held items to cover herself. Obviously, she was playing up the part that she was lost (presumably at a hotel or lodge or something, I’ve used this location to fake that concept a few times) and looking for an escape or some clothes. Again, it is not that tightly scripted.

One of the early comments made on this video is that Sativa seemed to exaggerate her reactions. It was rightly pointed out, that this video was done “silent film” style with a full music soundtrack and no spoken lines. As such, it was understandable that the actress would convey her emotions with physical gestures and facial expressions, much as Charlie Chaplin would.

On that subject, this would also be the last time I used a silent film style approach to my videos. This method had the advantage that I was able to block out all the background noise, including moving around behind the camera and the tripod. However, more and more, it was clear that people enjoyed hearing Sativa deliver her own lines and give a real acting performance. As it was, in this video, she once again displays her talent for physical comedy.

I had Sativa put her hair up, tied back, for The Little Lost Mermaid and I thought she looked adorable. She also surprised me at the end, when we were shooting the scene by the pool, and she jumps into the water! I’ve mentioned, this was a chilly day in March, although it was heated inside. But still, I did not expect her to go for a swim. Sativa was always spontaneous like that and good at coming up with clever ideas. It was the conclusion of the video with her in the water that led me to use the Mermaid in the title.

The full video is just about 11 minutes and the music I used was from J.S. Bach’s Orchestral Suite No. 1. It is available at my Clips4Sale store.

Below is a link to download the first part of the video. About 2 minutes 40 seconds, it includes the classic scene of the door closing behind Sativa and her reaction.

The Little Lost Mermaid – Part 1


June Update

I received an e-mail from Lydia Lael earlier this week, and she is interested to do another video. So it looks like my next shoot that I am scheduling for this month will bring back Lydia and another actress.

Over the weekend I am going to scout some new locations. This upcoming video will return to having more of a story and character development.

Stay tuned!