For my third video with Amy Starr, I would have to wait until September of 2010. We arranged to shoot on a Wednesday night, which turned out to be unseasonably warm for that time of year. Through business connections, I had access to a new office that I would be using for the location.

I must have been watching too much NCIS at the time, because that is what inspired me in part for the story. I wanted to use the idea of a high-stakes transfer of classified information, a kind of cat and mouse game between two agents on opposite sides of the computer. That was the thought behind this scenario, anyway.

For Amy’s character, I had her slick back her long dark hair and wear it in a braided ponytail. I also had her start out this episode dressed all in black, including boots. It might just be my personal preferences, but I thought the complete look for her was very sexy.

Now the idea was for her character to be meeting at a rendezvous, a secret spot to make this transaction with a mysterious person on the other end of the computer. Communication was done by instant message, I used title cards with a white background and blue font that typed out across the screen in order to pull this off.

The plot involved Amy transferring a large sum of money in exchange for an important file. By the way he writes, it is suggested that the mysterious person is an unsavory character, and perhaps Amy is reluctant to deal with him. Her motives are left unclear; is she doing this as part of an assignment, or does she want the file for selfish reasons?

Unfortunately for Amy, the person with the file has some motives of his own, and has hacked into the heating system of the building. The rising temperature causes Amy to grow uncomfortable, as she takes off her first layer of clothing while waiting for the download. In fact, it was very hot in the upstairs room, so it worked out perfectly with Amy repeatedly wiping her brow and complaining about the heat.

Watching this video again, what I tried to create is the suspension of disbelief that this could have been an episode of a crime drama on cable television. The exciting thing for me is seeing this beautiful young woman, and the anticipation that she will go all the way, and get totally naked. Again, I believe Amy looks truly gorgeous in this one.

At the end, I added a twist when she goes to collect a fax confirmation of her payment transfer. Thinking to turn the tables on the mysterious agent, Amy mentions now they can trace where he is. But then when she goes to retrieve the downloaded file, her character is in for a little surprise.

Because we shot this video at night in the middle of the week, I was able to get her to run to my car in the parking lot, completely bare.

The music soundtrack I used for this video was Mendelssohn’s “Hebrides Overture”. Not there was any significance for choosing this track. I was just looking for a classical piece, and I happen to like this one.

The full video runs over 18 minutes, and is available at my Clips4Sale store.

Below is a link to download the file for the Outtakes of the video.

Hacker – Outtakes

4 responses to “Hacker

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  3. What was the twist in this video? Why was she so surprised when she went downstairs? and why did she run out and when she couldn’t get into her car, she just stood up when it ended?

    • When she goes downstairs and checks the e-mail, she gets a message that a video of her running around naked has been sent to her entire contact list. I haven’t watched the video again, but from what I remember, she is completely flustered at this point and runs outside, just wanting to get home. The video ends quickly because we were in a public parking lot in a busy area. I just captured a shot of her standing by the car, and then cut to the end credits.

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