Quote of the Day

“I suggest a trade. I give you a few pages, if you let me have your sweater.”

~Suzann in The History Report

This is from the video in which I teamed up Suzann Amarillo with Jade Indica. I had written a light-hearted blackmail story about a mischievous girl taking another student’s report and holding the schoolwork in exchange for a ransom of clothes. The interesting thing is, after our first two videos, Suzann was very interested in this project and made herself quite familiar with the script. She did a better job than Jade in delivering the lines.

This one sets the stage as it is the first article of clothing demanded. It starts out innocent enough, until Suzann eventually has Jade strip fully nude.

The other previous videos, I edited to use a full music soundtrack and present silent-film style. So this is one of the few finished productions to hear Suzann and her sexy Spanish accent.

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