June 20 Video Shoot

On the official first day of Summer, I just finished a vide shoot with Tara Rose and Lydia Lael. It was also one of the hottest days of the year here in New York! This will be the fourth production that I have teamed up these two ladies.

In the upcoming video, Tara plays a cocky and confident thief who gets caught by a rookie security guard, Lydia, who is eager to bring the criminal to justice, but is easily confused.

The story and acting is a light-hearted romp, and I think has a “keystone cops” type of feel to it. And it also features two girls handcuffed to each other without any clothes on.

Below are some still photos I took during the shoot. I would like to have the video edited by the end of the month.

Stay tuned!

12 responses to “June 20 Video Shoot

    • Tara’s character does not take Lydia seriously. But then she finds herself getting dragged along by the incompetent security guard.

      I hope I am able to capture some truly funny moments in the video.

  1. Just an update since I’ve been working on the video. Not ready for a separate blog entry yet.

    I’m almost at the end of putting it together, and the running time is at 21 minutes. The final video will have to be in 3 parts. I had wanted to keep it around 18 minutes, but there was so much material to work with. This is without titles and credits. I still have to add music and sound effects.

    I am aiming to be able to post next weekend.

    Stay tuned!

  2. If Lydia “is eager to bring the criminal to justice” will they both be punished for indecent exposure?

    I would not complaining about the exposure of these gorgeous young ladies.

    I think Lydia is actually getting better looking & of course the “stairs” photograph is the best.

    • Lydia had a bit of a tan around her back and shoulders, and I think the hairstyle gives her a sultry look. Definitely, the blouse and skirt combo she starts out in is pretty hot.

      Both girls contacted me before the shoot about wanting to put their hair up because of the heat.

      • So long as it was “safe” natural tan & not a potentially dangerous mixture of chemicals & machines.

        The hair styles made the characters look different to previous videos, with the Lydia’s hair up it made her look more grown-up/sophisated, rather than the playfull person we see in the outakes/extras.

        Is Lydia’s skirt the same as “Office Help”? There is a great scene in “Office Help” where she bends over when still wearing that figure hugging pencil skirt.

  3. elaine, I believe that is the same skirt. I wanted a badge to go with Lydia’s outfit, but I couldn’t find one. Also, I liked how her white top contrasted with Tara’s character who starts out all in black.

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