To Catch a Thief

Featuring the talents of Tara Rose and Lydia Lael

Tara is a sexy cat-burglar who gets caught breaking into an office after hours by Lydia, a rookie security guard. The red-haired robber is not at all impressed with this young recruit who is certain to make some comical mistakes. However, both ladies end up bound together, as they try to find a way out after all their clothes are locked up.

The full video runs over 21 minutes and is separated into 3 parts, available at my Clips4Sale store.

For the music soundtrack, I used Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 8 in A minor, the Allegro maestoso movement.

17 responses to “To Catch a Thief

    • I would have liked to see Tara in a black cocktail dress, but what she brought worked well enough.

      Lydia in the white top, tight black skirt ensemble did remind me of one of those meter maids or like the British police women in some older comedy sketehes. She probably should have had dark stockings.

      Yeah, I tend to skim over how good these girls look in the clothes they are wearing, and get to the nudity parts. But it’s good for me to keep that in mind for another video.


  1. That downloaded unusually fast. Seems like it could be a good day, quick download of your movie and the Euro final in the evening.

    Editing as a bit rough at first and sometimes couldn’t quite hit Tara in the first half of part 2. Otherwise nice music, nice choice of location and a gently enjoyable film that builds up well, is amusing and is fun. Also nice camera work for some of the views on Tara, enjoyed the jokes when the guard woke up.

    Liked Tara’s dress. Nice combo from the two ladies, Tara with the arrogant disdain even as she was stripped and an excellent frustrated shriek. Lydia with the uncertainty of the new job at first then playing the inexperienced guard with an enjoyable over the top manner.

    • Thank you, mackaie! This time, I did not use the bandwidth-free links, but the ones from my Sendspace Pro account. That indeed does seem to allow faster download speeds and no wait time.

      The memory loss after Lydia wakes up was totally her idea and improvised acting. I saw her character as silly and incompetent, a bit of a buffoon. But as always, Lydia can take a concept and run with it, usually in her own style.

      I also thought it interesting, Tara starts off kind of quiet and low-keyed in the beginning, and it is the interaction with Lydia that brings out a more vocal performance.

      Glad you enjoyed the video!

      • Thanks for using your pro account then!

        Lovely idea by Lael, it led to some very amusing moments.

        I think Tara showed the level of arrogance required to set up her character but yes, once the two began bantering away, she did grow a bit.

  2. I like the ladies and the acting, but…

    Why does the sound keep dropping out?

    Why does the screen size keep changing?

    Why do you point your camera directly at the sun?

    • I cut out the sound in a few parts when the girls were in the middle of some action, while I was giving direction. The other option would be to chop up those frames, which I think would look worse. In some spots, I do add in a bit of music. Otherwise its just a few seconds of no sound. The ability to mute selected frames is an editing feature available in Windows Live Movie Maker.

      The screen size does not change, but for some scenes I used a pan effect, or zoom-in effect. These are cinematic features available in Windows Live Movie Maker.

      I think there was one shot where the setting sun streams through the window as I was pointing in that direction. Sorry if it bothered you, but I thought it was a nice artistic shot.

      Thanks for downloading and watching!

  3. Something I have not seen anyone comment on was Tara’s bag with the criss-crossed western style pistols. This kind of gave her a connection to her character as a sort of modern day bandit. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought that was awesome.

  4. It’s probably a little late for this, but here’s an idea you should do for the bonus content: an alternate-ending, where the thief ends up locked outside instead of the security guard.

    • Ha ha… if I could go back in time, it would have been nice to switch things around with Tara getting stuck outside.

      Actually, that’s twice now I have had Lydia on the wrong end of a door without any clothes on. It might be time for some payback.

      • Then maybe you should do that with all your future videos that involve two girls butting heads and ends with only one girl getting the short end of the stick: alternate endings that show Girl A suffering instead of Girl B in the real movie.

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