The Perils of Sleepwalking

After shooting our previous video, Hacker, in September of 2010, Amy Starr called me again the very next month to see about working on another project. Now it was October, and I know I should have come up with a Halloween themed production, as I have done in the past. But this came about pretty last minute. In fact, we scheduled to shoot on a Friday, October 30, the night before Halloween. I wouldn’t have the finished video ready until November anyway.

Fortunately, I did have the old house location available, the one I’ve used in other titles such as Office Help and The Little Lost Mermaid. So I decided to take this opportunity to create a scenario where Amy would spend the entire length of the video, from start to finish, completely naked. I usually have fun with stories that involve the girl’s entertaining loss of clothes, or gradual stripping. But every now and then, there comes a time where I just want to showcase the absolute beauty of a woman in her purest form.

In this way, “The Perils of Sleepwalking” took its cue from the Mermaid video with Sativa Verte. It would be in the same location, and used a similar context of being locked out. One difference is that the earlier video featured a full musical score and was done silent film style. But for this production, Amy speaks her own lines as she frets and voices her frustration over her predicament. In this case, Amy’s character sleeps totally in the nude and goes sleepwalking, only to find herself with no way back to her room when she wakes up.

These types of solo performances are always a challenge for the young lady as she has no one to act against, but must play off her situation. It requires a healthy amount of improvisation. One of the funniest and most clever things Amy did was have her character try to climb into and hide in an empty suitcase, with amusing results.

Unfortunately it was a frigid autumn evening, or else I might have had Amy explore some further night-time outdoor nudity.

On a side note, as this project all came about rather quickly and casually, I left my digital still camera at my office before leaving to pick up Amy from the train station and driving to the location. So I used the photo function on my new video camera to take some pictures.  Although I have been pleased with the video quality, surprisingly the still images that camera takes were not so great, a little grainy. I have included some new screenshots that I pulled by running the video in Windows Live Movie Maker.

The first image is a nice hidden nudity shot. I find the best time to set up these kinds of choreographed poses are when the model is completely naked for the whole shoot to begin with!

The last picture above is not part of the video, but Amy had first changed into some cute pajamas. I then explained to her, no, she would be starting out completely bare. Just to add an extra element of embarrassment. Personally, I find Amy to be simply beautiful, and I enjoyed the possibility of capturing almost every square inch of her.

For the music soundtrack, I used Ludwig Van Beethoven’s 6th Symphony. That one was the Pastoral, which has a kind of sleepy, dreamy quality that I believe fit this story.

The full video is 13 minutes, and available at my clips4sale store.

Below is a link to download a 3 minute Preview and Outtakes clip.

The Perils of Sleepwalking – Preview Clip

Weekend at the Office

There is an interesting history behind the production “Weekend at the Office” and how it arrived in its present form.

This video was shot in December of 2006, when I worked with Jade Indica for the first time. It was after previously shooting with the lovely but shy Suzann, that I wanted to bring in a model who was comfortable doing full nudity. I posted a casting ad, and Jade responded.

Now having already done some loosely scripted shoots, which were more general and situational in nature, I presented Jade with a bit more story. We arranged to work literally on the Friday before Christmas. It would be perfect to put her in the role of a secretary called into the office over the holiday weekend. Her character would not be thrilled with the idea, and a little bored since no one else was around.

Obviously this leads to her having that fantasy, which I’m sure so many females would in such a similar circumstance, where Jade wonders what it would be like to work in her underwear. Of course, this only escalates even after she gets a call from her boss to drop off an important report in his office. After thinking about it for a moment, Jade feels daring enough to deliver the paperwork through the empty office, entirely in the nude.

When I originally released this video, I received a lot of positive feedback. People enjoyed Jade, thought she was cute, and she gave a believable performance. The dark-haired young lady has always been pretty mellow, but I think she gave her most spirited acting out of the other times I worked with her.

Then we must fast-forward almost a whole year later. I had started working with Windows Movie Maker in 2007, creating more stylized videos complete with my brand logo and credits and a full music soundtrack. By October, I was preparing to compile a new DVD that would have some of these latest videos. When I made the announcement, a lot of people asked, “Why not include Weekend at the Office?”

So I went back and reviewed the video. Again, Jade’s spoken lines were delivered well enough. She truly put herself in the place of the character and played the story convincingly. There were some technical issues I was not happy with that had to do with the camera tripod making too much noise at the beginning. Also, the other three videos on the DVD collection all were done in the silent-film style with a classical music soundtrack. Thus I decided to re-edit “Weekend at the Office” in the same fashion.

Since the video takes place at Christmas time, complete with decorations and greeting cards and a tree in the background, I thought of one of the best orchestral works of music I know for the season: the 4th movement of Ludwig Von Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. (That’s the part that ends with the powerful chorus singing Ode to Joy.) In this case, I like how the music builds up to a sweeping crescendo, just as Jade goes into a frantic search for clothes when she discovers they are missing. Seeing Jade scamper around the office completely nude is indeed a reason to sing an ode to joy!

I have gone back and created a 3 minute clip of selected takes from the original video, without the music accompaniment. Here, you can watch and listen to Jade give her own lines, unlike the later finished production.

Weekend at the Office – Unedited 

Fun fact about this video shoot, there was a toy drive going on down the hall from the office suite we were using.

The full video is just under 14 minutes, and available at my clips4sale store.

Outtakes Video: My College Intern

I put have together a clip of outtakes and some preview bits from the video “My College Intern” featuring Constance Perl. I think this was a pretty straight-forward shoot, but she did seem to have fun with it.

There was actually another person using one of the other office suites, in case anyone was wondering, which is a reason I confined this shoot to the single room. But also, I wanted to keep my previous video as the production that made wider use of the entire building location.

The clip runs about 3 and a half minutes. For one more time, I have used the guitar track that Peanuth O’Toole was kind enough to provide for me, during the beginning and end title credits.

My College Intern – Outtakes


My College Intern

I have just finished the video featuring Constance Perl.

It is called “My College Intern” and shows what happens when I have a girl working for me, assigned to review one of my earlier productions. Constance gets inspired to be a little daring at the office, only to have things go not exactly as she had planned. Nevertheless, she is quite turned on by the video and her embarrassing situation.

The running time is approximately 16 minutes.

For the classical music soundtrack to open with, I selected Bach’s suite for solo cello in G major.

For the end credits, I have a funky rock track provided by our very own Peanuth O’ Toole.

The full video is available in 2 parts at my Clips4Sale store.

Constance Perl

When I booked the office location for last month’s video shoot, I rented the space for two weeks. This allowed me the opportunity to set up another shoot immediately after working with Tara and Lydia.

Constance Perl is a new model who started contacting me earlier this year. As I had other projects on the table at the time, we were not able to put a schedule together. However, since I still had the office available in June, the two of us finally had a chance to coordinate.

I came up with an idea for a simple video about her as an intern, which I will be posting soon. This was our first time working together, and the story was pretty much a solo performance. But I thought Constance handled it well. I would even make a comparison to Jordana Leigh. For some reason, parts of the shoot reminded me of Holiday Hotline.

Constance herself is a slim young woman with long brunette hair. She has a tattoo band of Roman numerals around one arm. I never did get a chance to ask her about the significance of that. And she also has a heart and wings tattoo on her lower back, just above her bottom.

Constance as appeared in the following videos:

My College Intern

Here are a few still pictures I took during the shoot.

Stay tuned!

Outtakes Video: To Catch a Thief

I have put together a 6 minute clip of outtakes and some preview bits from my video, To Catch a Thief. It can be downloaded at the link below:

To Catch a Thief – Outtakes

When I was finishing up the full video, I had found a guitar backtrack for the heavy metal classic Breaking the Law by Judas Priest. I was tempted to include this as the track at the end that leads into the credits. However, I don’t have the licensing rights even for the just the guitar part, so I couldn’t really do that.

So instead, I went with a jazzy acoustic guitar selection, which I have also used for this Outtakes clip. It does have a kind of James Bond vibe to it. I hope that worked for this production.


Independence Day 2012

I had used this picture from Babysitting Without a Net for my Memorial Day post, but I think it works just as well for the 4th of July.

I mean, what could be better than Monica Himmelheber naked in a classroom, with the American flag and a portrait of George Washington in the background.

I will be posting outtakes from my latest video in a few days. Then, I will follow up about a bonus video, a second shoot I did at the end of June.

Stay tuned!