Constance Perl

When I booked the office location for last month’s video shoot, I rented the space for two weeks. This allowed me the opportunity to set up another shoot immediately after working with Tara and Lydia.

Constance Perl is a new model who started contacting me earlier this year. As I had other projects on the table at the time, we were not able to put a schedule together. However, since I still had the office available in June, the two of us finally had a chance to coordinate.

I came up with an idea for a simple video about her as an intern, which I will be posting soon. This was our first time working together, and the story was pretty much a solo performance. But I thought Constance handled it well. I would even make a comparison to Jordana Leigh. For some reason, parts of the shoot reminded me of Holiday Hotline.

Constance herself is a slim young woman with long brunette hair. She has a tattoo band of Roman numerals around one arm. I never did get a chance to ask her about the significance of that. And she also has a heart and wings tattoo on her lower back, just above her bottom.

Constance as appeared in the following videos:

My College Intern

Here are a few still pictures I took during the shoot.

Stay tuned!

6 responses to “Constance Perl

  1. Whatever happened to Leigh? Also what is on the laptop?

    Nice necklace, the thing about the wrist not so much. Please do ask about the numerals on her arm next time. She seems very attractive and love the look in her eyes for the first photo. Hoping the first, second and third photo’s involve something in the video, for so some reason my gut tells me the 4th one might not be in it.

    Look forward to seeing how she does.

    • Hey mackaie,

      I think Jordana has moved on to other things. She is a very experienced model and has been around for a while. I thought she once mentioned slowly getting into the production side of the business.

      Good catch on the laptop… I had some fun with this video and made the story a kind of parody/self-reference. In other words, Constance plays an intern working for my own company, Narrow-minded Productions, and she is watching one of my videos. That image on the screen is actually Amy Starr from Endless Summer!

      Glad you liked the photos. I won’t mention anything about the 4th, don’t want to give away what happens in the video. Her necklace was a nice detail. A string of pearls for Constance Perl?

      I was busy with my last production and the outtakes, so I have only just started to put together this one, although it is more simple. I might have it done by the weekend.

      • Hi Helm.

        Good luck to Miss Leigh then, particularly with getting into production side of things.

        Nice idea wit the laptop then, had a sneaking suspicion (I swear I did :P) that it was one of your video’s. Now you told me which one, I can remember the scene just about but then, I did enjoy Endless Summer.

        It’s a nice detail despite my initial groan when you said the pun. Part of me wonders if the necklace also helps draw the eye for the first photo and the make-up to her eyes. Might be wrong.

        Have a good week and look forward to seeing it.

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