My College Intern

I have just finished the video featuring Constance Perl.

It is called “My College Intern” and shows what happens when I have a girl working for me, assigned to review one of my earlier productions. Constance gets inspired to be a little daring at the office, only to have things go not exactly as she had planned. Nevertheless, she is quite turned on by the video and her embarrassing situation.

The running time is approximately 16 minutes.

For the classical music soundtrack to open with, I selected Bach’s suite for solo cello in G major.

For the end credits, I have a funky rock track provided by our very own Peanuth O’ Toole.

The full video is available in 2 parts at my Clips4Sale store.

8 responses to “My College Intern

  1. Love the ring tone. Catchy but feel I should recognise the tone.

    Bah, she should have mentioned the duck! For a few seconds I wondered if the pink top and the blue eyeliner wouldn’t work but it looked nice, the eyeliner/shadow wasn’t as heavy as I first thought. Story went along nicely, she seemed a bit slow to pick up what was happening in the film but it helped build up her reaction. I enjoyed watching her thoughts unfold about the video and then whether she could do it, nice use of bag. The phone call was a neat idea. I’m not a huge masturbation fan, though I liked the Jaden/teacher one, so wouldn’t have minded less of that and more fall out from the ending personally. She looks adorable peeking out from the table!

    I think with a video on the “girl tries being naked for first time” story, it relies somewhat on the solo actress, a bad or flat one and it doesn’t click, a good one can give it a boost. Maybe I’m wrong overall but Peri seems to be someone that gives a boost to stories she is in. I thought Peri’s slightly over the top style added a little more excitement to the proceedings for me and drew me in. She really sold the “If anyone saw me, I would die” line, her voice sounded tearful when need be and I hope you use her again.

    • Great feedback, mackaie. I’m always interested to see how a new model takes, so to speak.

      That would have been awesome to capture the part with the duck! I’d like to say that I was trying to strike a balance between the older video in the background and not revealing too much or becoming a distraction, but the truth is, that laptop had some technical issues. It was freezing up and shut down a few times.

      I’m not a fan of heavy make-up, in fact I much prefer these ladies go for more of a natural girl-next-door look. But I generally don’t give them strict instructions in that department.

      I should say something about the more “erotic” element of this video, for anyone who might be startled a bit. Constance was more explicit than I expected. However, the concept is not something I would shy away from. My first film ended with a literal climax in the classroom, and I have touched upon this subject lightly in other videos. It’s been mentioned elsewhere that a hallmark of many of the stories that inspire these videos include the damsel in distress getting turned on by the experience. But don’t worry, I’m not looking to explore anything too sexual in future videos.

      That’s encouraging to hear Constance was able to pull off the “alone and voicing her thoughts” moments decent enough. There were some parts I felt she repeated herself too much, “Wow… OMG…” But then she did really well with other lines.

      By the way, I think the ring tone is from the 80’s pop song “Venus” by Bananarama (“I’m your Venus, I’m your fire…)

      Thank you for downloading and watching!

      • Bad luck with the laptop.

        On make-up I generally agree with you. I thought her eye stuff looked really good in photo’s to be fair. Wasn’t a problem for the film either, just the first few seconds it comes across very strongly.

        Yeah, the way she does it compared to others was surprising and I assumed it was simply her style rather then your instructions. The “erotic” element isn’t something I mind, it doesn’t bother me or ruin a video, just something I’m not particularly fond of. Though sometimes it works for me. So please don’t see it as a complaint, most of that part of my post was simply wishing the ending was longer in truth.

        I didn’t get the repeat herself too much thing, though looking back, I can see what you mean. My one suggestion with her is the fanning herself, she seemed to do it quite a few times and it looked a little silly the more it occurred.

        Oh yes so it probably was.

        Thanks for making it and thanks for being understanding with my reviews. Have a pleasant week.

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  3. I hope you use Constance again. I would like to see the chemistry between her some of other girls/ladies such as Tara or Lydia, but not Briella as they look too similar & have a very similar acting style.

    • Interesting that you make the Constance/Briella comparison.

      I would like to see what she can do acting with another performer. One thought was I might put her in the role of the antagonist. I’ve gotten feedback from people who liked Constance and thought she was sexy, but I’m wondering about how she might look in a more classy outfit. (i.e. covering up the tatoos.) Or I might just make her go bottomless.

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