Outtakes Video: My College Intern

I put have together a clip of outtakes and some preview bits from the video “My College Intern” featuring Constance Perl. I think this was a pretty straight-forward shoot, but she did seem to have fun with it.

There was actually another person using one of the other office suites, in case anyone was wondering, which is a reason I confined this shoot to the single room. But also, I wanted to keep my previous video as the production that made wider use of the entire building location.

The clip runs about 3 and a half minutes. For one more time, I have used the guitar track that Peanuth O’Toole was kind enough to provide for me, during the beginning and end title credits.

My College Intern – Outtakes


4 responses to “Outtakes Video: My College Intern

  1. I was watching a shopping channel in the UK & a senior person for the world’s largest computer manufacture was demonstating a new special edition high spec laptop. A few seconds after starting talking – it suffered “The Blue Screen Of Death”. He had to just laugh it off & close the lid to reboot it, so I recommend you have a Linux computer or you dual boot.

    • Ha! I was thinking of you, elaine, when that happened. But i’m not ready to make the jump to linux just yet.

      That was an old laptop anyway. I used it as a prop in “To Catch a Thief”, and thought it would be OK to run the DVD in this video. For the most part, it did… when the screen wasn’t freezing up.

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