Weekend at the Office

There is an interesting history behind the production “Weekend at the Office” and how it arrived in its present form.

This video was shot in December of 2006, when I worked with Jade Indica for the first time. It was after previously shooting with the lovely but shy Suzann, that I wanted to bring in a model who was comfortable doing full nudity. I posted a casting ad, and Jade responded.

Now having already done some loosely scripted shoots, which were more general and situational in nature, I presented Jade with a bit more story. We arranged to work literally on the Friday before Christmas. It would be perfect to put her in the role of a secretary called into the office over the holiday weekend. Her character would not be thrilled with the idea, and a little bored since no one else was around.

Obviously this leads to her having that fantasy, which I’m sure so many females would in such a similar circumstance, where Jade wonders what it would be like to work in her underwear. Of course, this only escalates even after she gets a call from her boss to drop off an important report in his office. After thinking about it for a moment, Jade feels daring enough to deliver the paperwork through the empty office, entirely in the nude.

When I originally released this video, I received a lot of positive feedback. People enjoyed Jade, thought she was cute, and she gave a believable performance. The dark-haired young lady has always been pretty mellow, but I think she gave her most spirited acting out of the other times I worked with her.

Then we must fast-forward almost a whole year later. I had started working with Windows Movie Maker in 2007, creating more stylized videos complete with my brand logo and credits and a full music soundtrack. By October, I was preparing to compile a new DVD that would have some of these latest videos. When I made the announcement, a lot of people asked, “Why not include Weekend at the Office?”

So I went back and reviewed the video. Again, Jade’s spoken lines were delivered well enough. She truly put herself in the place of the character and played the story convincingly. There were some technical issues I was not happy with that had to do with the camera tripod making too much noise at the beginning. Also, the other three videos on the DVD collection all were done in the silent-film style with a classical music soundtrack. Thus I decided to re-edit “Weekend at the Office” in the same fashion.

Since the video takes place at Christmas time, complete with decorations and greeting cards and a tree in the background, I thought of one of the best orchestral works of music I know for the season: the 4th movement of Ludwig Von Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. (That’s the part that ends with the powerful chorus singing Ode to Joy.) In this case, I like how the music builds up to a sweeping crescendo, just as Jade goes into a frantic search for clothes when she discovers they are missing. Seeing Jade scamper around the office completely nude is indeed a reason to sing an ode to joy!

I have gone back and created a 3 minute clip of selected takes from the original video, without the music accompaniment. Here, you can watch and listen to Jade give her own lines, unlike the later finished production.

Weekend at the Office – Unedited 

Fun fact about this video shoot, there was a toy drive going on down the hall from the office suite we were using.

The full video is just under 14 minutes, and available at my clips4sale store.

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    • Thanks! I want to share a little bit of what the experience was like for me. At the time, I was only a year out from finishing Babysitting Without a Net, and I was just getting the hang of contacting models and setting up shoots on my own.

      It definitely has been a learning process!

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