The Perils of Sleepwalking

After shooting our previous video, Hacker, in September of 2010, Amy Starr called me again the very next month to see about working on another project. Now it was October, and I know I should have come up with a Halloween themed production, as I have done in the past. But this came about pretty last minute. In fact, we scheduled to shoot on a Friday, October 30, the night before Halloween. I wouldn’t have the finished video ready until November anyway.

Fortunately, I did have the old house location available, the one I’ve used in other titles such as Office Help and The Little Lost Mermaid. So I decided to take this opportunity to create a scenario where Amy would spend the entire length of the video, from start to finish, completely naked. I usually have fun with stories that involve the girl’s entertaining loss of clothes, or gradual stripping. But every now and then, there comes a time where I just want to showcase the absolute beauty of a woman in her purest form.

In this way, “The Perils of Sleepwalking” took its cue from the Mermaid video with Sativa Verte. It would be in the same location, and used a similar context of being locked out. One difference is that the earlier video featured a full musical score and was done silent film style. But for this production, Amy speaks her own lines as she frets and voices her frustration over her predicament. In this case, Amy’s character sleeps totally in the nude and goes sleepwalking, only to find herself with no way back to her room when she wakes up.

These types of solo performances are always a challenge for the young lady as she has no one to act against, but must play off her situation. It requires a healthy amount of improvisation. One of the funniest and most clever things Amy did was have her character try to climb into and hide in an empty suitcase, with amusing results.

Unfortunately it was a frigid autumn evening, or else I might have had Amy explore some further night-time outdoor nudity.

On a side note, as this project all came about rather quickly and casually, I left my digital still camera at my office before leaving to pick up Amy from the train station and driving to the location. So I used the photo function on my new video camera to take some pictures.  Although I have been pleased with the video quality, surprisingly the still images that camera takes were not so great, a little grainy. I have included some new screenshots that I pulled by running the video in Windows Live Movie Maker.

The first image is a nice hidden nudity shot. I find the best time to set up these kinds of choreographed poses are when the model is completely naked for the whole shoot to begin with!

The last picture above is not part of the video, but Amy had first changed into some cute pajamas. I then explained to her, no, she would be starting out completely bare. Just to add an extra element of embarrassment. Personally, I find Amy to be simply beautiful, and I enjoyed the possibility of capturing almost every square inch of her.

For the music soundtrack, I used Ludwig Van Beethoven’s 6th Symphony. That one was the Pastoral, which has a kind of sleepy, dreamy quality that I believe fit this story.

The full video is 13 minutes, and available at my clips4sale store.

Below is a link to download a 3 minute Preview and Outtakes clip.

The Perils of Sleepwalking – Preview Clip

8 responses to “The Perils of Sleepwalking

    • Well, Amy has been traveling abroad and through different parts of the country for at least the past year and a half. I did contact her earlier this year, but she was still not available.

      But sure, as soon as she returns to my area, I would love to work with her again!

  1. Hope she is having a nice time abroad. Nice pyjama’s.

    I remember the suitcase moment which was funny and it was a pretty good video with a good introduction. Loved the ending

    • Another thing I liked was that Amy had her hair done up for this video. A little more curl and volume, if you compare to other pictures.

      When I was watching the ending again, I thought maybe I dragged it out too much, with her just standing and squirming in an ENF pose, as I used a sound file to edit in shocked voices and murmuring when she gets caught.

      • It might be that it was too long and that it was my type of thing so didn’t notice. Thinking back, it could have been shorter but I was happy, it was nice having a crowd scene with a squirming enf.

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  3. Hi, I’ve been a long time admirer of your work, but, have never commented before. This is one of my favorite of your videos. I also liked the ending. For me, the longer the better when someone is in an ENF pose 🙂

    You wouldn’t happen to have any video of you telling Amy to take off the pajamas and her taking them off?!?

    • Thank you, therock

      Ha! That would be great if I did capture her on video taking off the pajamas upon my instructions. Unfortunately, that was only a still picture I snapped with my video camera, so no actual video.

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