The Attorney’s Assistant

In June of 2007, I had just finished shooting my video Mindy at the Gym. Shortly thereafter, I was contacted by a young woman who uses the model name London Andrews. I wasn’t sure that I was ready to shoot another video so soon, but London had seen my casting call and happened to be working very close to my location. Also, I had some reservations about her look. London indeed has a pretty face with soft features, but she is rather voluptuous, somewhat beyond just having a curvy figure. Nonetheless, it did not take much convincing since after all she was willing to take off her clothes on camera.

Immediately I realized that London was more engaging than Alicia who I had just worked with, more expressive and thus a better actress. For a quick, on the fly video concept, I came up with the idea of a girl working in an office and running into some trouble with an air-conditioning fan. I was using the same office setting that I would go on to incorporate into many future productions. At the time, though, it was only my second video at this location and the first actually playing into the office area.

I liked the idea of an District Attorney’s office for some story context. Because London was a young woman, I made her the title character of the Attorney’s Assistant. She had the simple task of delivering an important file. But the process, the electric fan switches on and starts to blow off her clothing, piece by piece. To accomplish this, I stopped after each article was removed, inserting text screens that exclaimed “Whoosh!” and even tossed her items past the camera for some shots, editing it in slow motion. It was primitive and silly, but still fun.

By the time London Andrews reaches the desk (picture her as if she was trying to walk against hurricane force winds. Her pantomime was very good.) she is completely naked. But then for a little twist, it appears the fan starts to move and chase after her.

London actually thought this was absolutely hysterical, and could not stop laughing for a few minutes. She spends the remainder of the video trying to get away, eventually running up the stairs only to be confronted with a locked door. The comedic gag, of course, is revealed at the end when it turns out the file she was delivering had to do with some kind of lawsuit involving faulty appliances. Oh, the irony!

This was a short video, running just under six minutes. I edited it in the format of a silent film, as I had initially been doing. London does not speak any lines, and there is a full music soundtrack using the baroque piece by one of my favorite composers, J.S. Bach, his Violin Concerto in E Major.  This has kind of a classy vide that might fit an upscale lawyer’s office, yet moves at a brisk pace, which I believe suited the dynamic of clothes being blown away like a kite in the wind.

For the version I released to my Clips4Sale store, I tacked on a bonus video of London walking around the backyard of the property totally in the nude. This two minute clip at the end was called simply “Jessica Outside” because Jessica was the name of the Attorney Assistant character, as far as you folks know. This was actually quite a gentle piece allowing me to give her directions from behind the camera. Some of her close-up shots came out quite nice.

August Re-visited

When I started out this month with my update, I was planning to shoot a new video with two models. It turns out there were numerous setbacks and frustrations, and I have not yet been able to put together this project. Normally, I don’t like to write too much about these things, as it is just part of the business and the nature of coordinating with various individuals among other logistics. But it is funny how I mused about never being able to shoot in August. That seems to be the case again.

However, in a way, that’s what this blog is for. So I figured I will document what my experience was like this month, and looking ahead to resuming production very soon.

With the concept for a video in my mind, I started by posting a casting call at the beginning of August. One part required full nudity, the other would be for the antagonist. As usual, I received responses from interested parties and followed up with them. The first lady who expressed interest in the more challenging role was from upstate New York, probably two hours away. Another girl contacted me and I liked her look for the other character, but she was from Pennsylvania. Nevertheless, she said she wanted to be part of this project. I know I should always have reservations about casting models who have a distance to travel, especially when trying to line both up for a shoot. But the initial communication went well, and I decided to take my chances.

We agreed to shoot on August 19, which was a Sunday. The first model requested that date, which I also thought made the most sense since it would make for easier traveling, not much traffic. So far so good, now I just needed to secure the location. No problem.

There is always a dilemma when I embark on a project that will involve two new models, and a brand new location. Do I rent the location first and then cast for the video, or should I lock the date and time in place with the ladies, and then go about finding a suitable venue. Obviously for this, I went with the latter. I didn’t anticipate I would have such a hard time finding somewhere to shoot with two weeks in advance.

Because of the story for the video, I was going to rent a private home as I have done in the past, and as recently as back in March, for The Rules. My first inquiry came back that the property was not available. So I kept searching and sending out requests. I did get a favorable response from one lady, however the house was only free for the week before we were going to shoot. I would not be able to book it for the desired Sunday. The photos I saw were taken from a previous autumn, so I may follow up with this contact and shoot there in a few months.

I started to realize what I was up against, right in the heat of the summer vacation season. And with Labor Day weekend fast approaching here in the US, these rental homes were becoming limited.

Moving on, I reached out to another homeowner with some gorgeous waterfront property on the north shore of Long Island. He seemed agreeable until he asked the nature of the photography.  Yes, that little detail of having a naked woman running around his house and grounds. Maybe he has a wife and kids, but unfortunately he had to turn down my request.

Now I was getting really frustrated, and anxious to find a location for this video. It was a week before the scheduled shoot. At last I came up with a suitable arrangement. I touched base with my two models again, and they were both good, still on board. I booked the location, and figured we were all set.

The whole time, I had this nagging feeling as I would be bringing in two models I have never worked with before, and both would have a long drive ahead of them. I checked in with the lady who was out of state, and asked if she wanted to take the train. This was Thursday, and she suddenly stopped returning my messages. The first model, however, was still good to go. So the worst case scenario, I thought to myself, would be a solo shoot. I hastily made plans to accommodate such a scenario.

And that was looking more like the case, until later on Friday, the first model text messaged me to say “something” came up. I knew she was going to be away for the weekend as she told me previously. And now it seemed like she would not be able to commit to the Sunday shoot. We cancelled, and the second model, I had not even received a final confirmation.

During the interim, I did hear from other interested models. So that Friday, I sent out messages to two of them, knowing it was very last minute. I wasn’t even thinking of trying to pair them up. If just one responded, I would go ahead with a solo shoot.

Alas, more frustration from these models! The networking website allows me to see the activity of the models, such as when messages have been read and even the last time they logged in. Both ladies did not see my offer to shoot throughout the whole weekend. Now that’s what really starts to make me wonder. These are people claiming to be professionals, and this is a paid assignment. They know there are possible working opportunities, and they don’t bother to log in to check their messages?

As it turns out, one of the girls did get back to me on Monday and gave me her private e-mail. We started to talk about setting something up before the end of the week. Then she asked me to discuss a little more about the shoot. When I described to her the basic idea about what was involved, suddenly she was like, “Oh, never mind… thanks, though!” It’s like some of these ladies will pose for nude photography, but the premise of video work that would require taking off or losing their clothes is somehow uncomfortable for them. Oh, well!

Now for some good news. A completely different young lady reached out to me just the other day. We had a nice chat, and she is interested in collaborating on a project. Due to her schedule, we have arranged to shoot in the middle of September. I’m really excited as she is quite cute and sounds intelligent. We will see if we can put together something fun and entertaining.

I also have other video plans lined up for September. And I will be looking to bring back Lydia Lael and Tara Rose during the fall. So while August turned out to be a little disappointing, I did make a couple of promising contacts. Next month ought to be full of surprises.

As always, stay tuned!

Legal Briefs

After hibernating most of the winter, I would shoot my first video of 2011, in the middle of February. Amy had contacted me before then, but between traveling and the holidays, this would be the first opportunity for us to work on a project again. The production, “Legal Briefs”,  became my fifth video featuring Amy Starr.

I was struggling to come up with a new location, but I really wanted to make this shoot happen. So I ended up doing something I had never done before, and that is book a hotel room for the location. In all fairness, it was a nice hotel, a double suite with its own kitchen and living room area. I remember apologizing to Amy, because I know the whole photographer setting up a hotel room with his model is kind of cheesy. But she didn’t mind.

The only problem was, Amy had another shoot earlier in the day and quite a distance from our location on Long Island. In fact, she informed me that she was working with none other than Jade Indica. That turned out to open up a new opportunity, which would play into how I developed my next video. However, because of the distance and time of day, Amy ran into a lot of traffic. She did not arrive until much later, like around 9:30 PM. We were tempted to call off the whole thing, but I had not released a video since November, and was anxious to put something out. So even though she was a little tired, we went on with the show.

Now because I was using this suite, the story concept I came up with was that it would be the swanky pad of an affluent client, who Amy worked for as an attorney. Her character shows up early at the place, before Mr. Grimble and his associates were there. This of course is a reference to the classic Grimble Gang, who do not make an appearance on screen. I only used the name with the suggestion of a client who might be important and intimidating.

Amy’s character turns out to be a bit of a hapless lawyer as she is waiting in the apartment, and carelessly spills a bottle of water over her shirt. What follows is a step by step series of accidents that causes her to remove her clothes, such as burning her skirt on the ironing board while her blouse dries in the oven. In between, she receives phone calls from Mr. Grimble, who advises her that he and his associates are on their way and almost there. This is meant to add some tension and a sense of urgency as Amy figures out what to do.

By the time she answer the door for her client, Amy has lost her bra and panties. Horribly embarrassed, she seeks only to escape and streaks bare-assed nude down the hallway. While I was not terribly inspired about being confined to a hotel room for this shoot, I have to admit, those final moments with Amy were pretty exciting. It probably helped that we were shooting that last scene well after 10:00 PM.

Below is a link to download the Outtakes video. One of the funnier episodes, I think, is when she is using the hot iron for real, and sets off the fire alarm. That sure relaxed my nerves after a long day.

For the musical accompaniment, I selected the recognizable piano piece, Fur Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven. I thought its simple stated melody fit the tone I was going for, using it in the video’s introduction and filling in sections in the middle when Amy is doing more physical acting and less dialogue delivery.

The full video is over 15 and a half minutes, and is available at my Clips4Sale store.

Legal Briefs – Outtakes

Narrow-minded Extras

Released in August of 2009, there were a couple of reasons I decided to put together this collection of video outtakes and extra bits, from previous productions.

First, when I started up my Clips4Sale store, the website suggested that a clip be added every thirty days. At the time, I wasn’t sure how strict they were about this policy or if it was merely a guideline. I didn’t know if the site operators would suspend me or take measures if my store was not “active” enough. Turns out, it was only a recommendation since every time a store is updated with a new clip, the studio gets showcased on the front page. Obviously, it is in the studio owner’s best interest to keep providing new content. I think the update every 30 days is a good goal for me to work toward. I’m not there yet, but this year I have been close, with releases maybe once every 1.5 months.

Now the second reason I created “Narrow-minded Extras” has to do with the controversy surrounding my video “Eye Spy” post release. I have mentioned before that when I uploaded the outtakes video to my dailymotion account, Shira Arielle freaked out… or more accurately, her then boyfriend freaked out, because the clip showed too much of her ass and supposedly a nipple slip at some point. To be sure, Shira spends more time in the outtakes clip completely naked than in the final video.

Since I try to be nice guy, I decided to take down the clip for Shira’s sake and substituted it with a preview clip. But if I couldn’t use the outtakes as a vehicle to promote the finished production (as I have been doing for other videos ever since) then I figured I would market it as a sellable product itself. So together with 4 of my other outtakes from videos with Sativa, I created this sort of anthology.

The five videos that are showcased include

The Wine Tasting – the last part with the public nudity.

Salad Au Natural

The Little Lost Mermaid

Nice Girls Finish Last

Eye Spy  

Note in the above pictures, Shira has this grin on her face that suggests she was getting a kick out of her scene. I know that both girls had a good time during the shoot. In the outtakes, at one point I apologize to Shira for making her do multiple takes when she loses her bikini, and she comments, “It’s kinda fun!”

For those who are curious about the business and legal side of the industry, I do have all the ladies I work with sign a Model Release form at the end of each shoot. This document gives me expressed ownership of all photography and video. The purpose is to prevent exactly the type of situation where a model can come back years (or months) later and claim she doesn’t want her pictures out there. The signed Model Release form essentially says, too bad.

Narrow-minded Extras runs 13 minutes and is available at my Clips4Sale store.

Quote of the Day

“I want to stay, I really do, so… I’ll take off my clothes.”

~Sativa Verte in Salad Au Natural

What I enjoyed about this line is immediately afterward, Sativa gives this eyeroll that communicates so much without any spoken words. Like she’s thinking to herself, “This is crazy, I can’t believe I’m doing this”. One of her natural talents is how expressive she is both with her face and body language.

The fun part is that despite her character agreeing to the terms of the restaurant, at first Sativa plays innocent. She  takes off her shirt only, and asks if that is all. Then she strips down to bra and panties, still coyly asking “is this good enough?” But the chef insists she go all the way, even chiding her for not understanding the rules, and makes Sativa take her socks off as well until she is indeed au natural!



Last September I had the opportunity to bring back Lydia Lael and Tara Rose for their second video. We had a very encouraging response from our first production Jenna at the Beach so I was eager to work with these two young women again.

For a story, I decided to try to work off the characters of Lauren and Jessie, which I have posted about before. This video would not be a strict interpretation, but follow the general idea of one girl having fun at the other’s expense. I liked the role that Tara had played the first time around, as the one who bears the brunt of the embarrassment, so I cast her as the unfortunate Lauren. Lydia would get to be Jessie, and display her more devious side.

The set-up involved Lauren being a Cheerleader who makes a bet with a girl from her rival school about the big Homecoming game. It was a simple wager: the loser would have to do whatever the other girl said. The details were not specified. Apparently, anything goes.

Opening up with Lauren practicing her cheer routine by bouncing on an indoor trampoline, Jessie soon arrives on the scene to remind her of the bet. Of course, Lauren’s school had lost the game, and Jessie is all too happy to fulfill the terms they agreed upon. Thus starts the first of a series of humiliating activities for Lauren.

I introduced my old video camera as a prop, but also to add to the embarrassment of Lauren’s situation. After all, if she was only doing these things in front of Jessie, that would not be so bad. So Lydia’s character made sure to capture it all on tape. She starts off by making Lauren bounce up and down on the trampoline topless, eventually making her strip all the way nude. After this, Jessie makes her rival go for a short walk through the neighborhood. When the girls return home, Lauren is given a playful over the knee spanking.

Satisfied, Jessie has Tara’s character stand in the corner. Here, I decided to add a little twist. Lydia proceeds to get on the trampoline and try it out for herself. She gets carried away, having so much fun, that she strips off her own clothes as she is jumping up on down.

Lauren takes advantage of this sudden vulnerability, and grabs Jessie by the arm, dragging her across the room and tossing her out of the house stark naked.

This was such a sudden reversal of fortunes and moment of triumph for Lauren, I had to go with a pumped up version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major played on electric guitar, for the end credits.

As for the introduction to the video, I went with a more classical flavor using Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: Autumn. Since we were shooting this in mid-September, the Fall was just around the corner.

Below is a link to download the 5 minute clip of outtakes. I started out the preview with a slow motion sequence of Lydia and Tara each using the trampoline fully nude, this time going with the more traditional soothing strings of Pachelbel’s Canon.

During the shoot, we drove out a few blocks down from the house, which was probably not the best area to film the outdoor sequence. It was about 7:00 pm on a Thursday, and there was the risk of traffic even on a side street. The location itself was a friend’s apartment I was able to use. Unfortunately, I could not do much with the final scene when Lydia gets locked outside, at least without drawing too much attention.

Visually, I thought Tara looked cute with her hair in pigtails, which I also thought helped with the whole cheerleader persona. And Lydia had a pretty cute outfit with a nice black beret.

Cheerleader – Outtakes

The full video is about 17 minutes, and available in 2 parts at my Clips4Sale store.

Nice Girls Finish Last

A lot of preparation went into the making of this video. Continuing my work with Sativa Verte after our shoot in March of 2008, I was convinced I needed a project that was more structured. Something scripted and I wanted to bring on another actress. At the time, I had been sharing ideas with internet writer Megan Myers, and I approached her for some suggestions. She enjoys creating a lot of damsel in distress type situations, usually revolving around a powerful woman who gets taken down a notch or two.

It did not take her long to type off the script for “Nice Girls Finish Last”. This story plays on the idea of an executive who has an unfortunate run-in with a sassy street punk named Rikki. The delinquent young woman is trying to escape some thugs, and she ends up forcing the executive lady to strip so that she can change into her clothes and get away. This is all done in a witty and amusing style, providing great snarky banter between the two characters.

Now with the screenplay in hand, I contacted Sativa to put her in the role of Miss Prescott (“Accountant Chick”, in the words of Rikki) and she was excited to help bring this production together. We even set up an initial casting call, which Sativa posted on her websites, in order to fill the opposite role. The two of us met with one less experienced young woman, but she was not right for the part. Sativa and I continued to rehearse as she wanted to have a good grasp of the character she was playing.

Then she happened to have a separate photo shoot with British model, Katy Cee. The two of them hit it off, and Sativa discussed this project with her. Again, we set up an informal rehearsal/casting session where I met with Katy for the first time. She was a lovely young woman with long blonde hair, although she would cut it off by the time we shot the video. I greatly enjoyed her British accent and thought she and Sativa displayed good chemistry. It was settled, and Katy would play the part of the troublesome Rikki.

Leading up to the shoot that would be in June, Sativa also communicated with Megan Myers to get a better feel for the script and to talk about wardrobe. Clothing selection was an import aspect of Megan’s writing and character development. Sativa was to dress in very conservative fashion, complete with frumpy jacket and skirt, hosiery, and an old fashion slip underneath. Sativa took care of picking up all the wardrobe items, including more of a punkish street style for Rikki, as well as other accessories.

Because we had rehearsed the script prior to shooting, and a good amount of planning went into this, the day of the shoot went fairly smooth. I think Sativa and Katy both gave fine acting performances. And it helped having polished dialogue with fun characters to work with. I still think this is probably the best written production since “Babysitting Without a Net”, and it certainly took a lot of inspiration from that film.

Another small but special moment from this video is the scene when Katy is changing into Sativa’s office clothes. I had faded out, and cut into her already stripped down, shooting her from behind. This was the first event where I featured two women naked on screen at the same time.

Above all, this project was a lot of fun. And because Sativa took such an active, hands-on role in making this happen, I credited her as Co-Producer. I wanted to make this as stylized as I could at the time, and worked on establishing shots, and the angles in which I framed each scene. When Rikki is first seen lurking about outside, I used an underlying heavy rock bass line, before cutting to the classical Piano Concerto No. 2 by Sergei Rachmaninoff for the introduction of Sativa’s character. Later on, I would use a second metal track by local band Liquid Overload for the final moments leading into the end credits.

This was also the first video that I had my Canon PowerShot still camera, which I used to captured the first two pictures above. The others are various video screen shots.

It was probably in the mid-90’s on that day in June, so after wrapping up the shoot, both Sativa and Katy took a quick jump in the pool. Oh, and they had not brought any swimsuits with them. Afterward, they went outside to dry off lying on some towels in the sun. I took the opportunity to capture a bonus video of the ladies chatting casually, both stark naked. Although I’m not entirely sure what Sativa was going on about, my mind was focused elsewhere.

Below is a link to download this rare 3 minute clip. It is completely extraneous from the main production.

Nice Girls Finish Last – Bonus Clip

The full finished video runs about 14 and a half minutes and is available at my Clips4Sale store.