August Update

I am making plans to shoot a new video this month.

One subject that has been weighing on my mind recently is the concept of beauty. To be specific, I’ve been thinking about different types of models, those who might be classified as “fetish” and those who could be called “artistic”. In my experience, I would say a fetish model might be more likely to deliver a strong acting performance, and of course be willing to explore more creative ideas. On the other hand, an artistic model will be more visually pleasing. Certainly there is some cross over, as there are women who do both kinds of work. But in my mind, the fine art nude model rarely has any tattoos or piercing in unusual places. There is also the “girl next door” model, someone who looks like she could be a neighbor down the street or work at the local grocery store. These, I think are very hard to find in terms of professional video photography of this nature.

Nevertheless, I am always open to working with a variety of different looks and will be considering multiple ladies for the upcoming project. I have an idea for a story that will involve two young women, and I will be scouting for a new location as well.

Another thing that occurred to me, as I was looking back over my various productions, is that over the past six years, I have never arranged a shoot in August. Not sure why that is, probably timing issues. But hopefully this year I can correct that irregularity.

Finally, I want to mention for those who are curious about such things, July was my most active month since beginning this blog. It was also my most successful month of 2012. There is certainly a correlation with the fact that I released two videos so closely together. More content means more interest. I can’t promise I will increase the pace of new releases going forward, but I do have exciting ideas planned for the remainder of the year.

So thank you to everyone who has been reading and commenting on this blog.

Stay tuned!

10 responses to “August Update

  1. If you are interested in “the concept of beauty” there is a BBC Three programme called “Snog Marry Avoid?” (not sure if I am allowed to post links here?) . Sorry no nudity but some outfits were dammed close.

    As for August I do remember a few times in your Yahoo group you visited Hawaii – not sure if it was for business or pleasure.

    I look forward to your next video.

    • Sure, it’s fine to post links here.

      I love the British vernacular. Maybe I should run a poll here, which model from one of my videos would people most like to “snog”.


      • Well I wouldn’t advise starting a poll about which one to “Avoid” – remember the photograph of Amy kicking the man only wearing a Bill Clinton mask & handcuff – ouch! & I think Amy is the nicest as well as the most beautifull!

  2. You should do that poll helmhood. Not sure who I would vote for and would perhaps depend on the phrasing of the question.

    Tara’s kind of got the girl next door look but yes, when I think artistic nude, I don’t to visual a woman with no tattoo’s or piercings. Then again, I tend to see artistic beauty as different from sexy.

    Congratulations on the great July and look forward to learning more about your next video.

    • Speaking of British phrases, such as “snog”, which are not widely used in the US, here’s one of my favorites from a classic Blackadder episode:

      “Baldrick, I want you to go out and buy a turkey so large you’d think its mother was rogered by an omnibus.”

      Rogered… what a great verb!

      • Really should triple check before I post. What I meant to say was ” yes, when I think artistic nude, I don’t tend to visualise a woman with tattoo’s or piercings” so agreeing with you.

        Didn’t realize snog or rogered was a thing of ours, assumed you guys used it too. Personally not a fan of the word snog but I do love Blackadder. Seen all four series and the film made for the year 2000. Such a great way with nsults

  3. Hey mackaie, my mind filled in the word “tend” when I read your comment, so I understood what you meant.

    I’ve also been a fan of Rowan Attkinson’s stand-up comedy show. Sometimes I wish I could come up with such witty lines in my video dialogues.

    There was an episode of Mr. Bean, which had a scene that might be fun to re-imagine, when he goes to a fair/art show and a life drawing class has a nude woman model.

    • Oh good.

      Not seen him in stand up much, thought he had retired from that? Wasn’t a huge fan of Bean, though it was awesome during the Opening ceremony of the Olympics, and don’t remember that episode beyond the vague “I did see it but can’t remember a thing” so would be a fresh surprise on my part. I do remember when where he went swimming and lost his costume, that one always stuck in my head.

      Life drawing classes seems to be more a comedy staple now (Vicar of Dibley, Spy) then it used to be. Or just me?

      • I remember that episdode when he loses his swimming costume. If I could rent out a real gym facility with an indoor swimming pool, I would love to do that with a female actress.

        Lydia would probably play a good “Bean” like character, because of her comdeic talent and natural silliness.

  4. A female version of that moment would be awesome but I imagine very expensive. I agree Lydia would be a strong candidate to play a Bean type character as she is quite comic.

    Not sure what kind of character would best suit the life drawing classes enf. I would assume shy if playing serious or “artistic temperament” if going comedy.

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