Nice Girls Finish Last

A lot of preparation went into the making of this video. Continuing my work with Sativa Verte after our shoot in March of 2008, I was convinced I needed a project that was more structured. Something scripted and I wanted to bring on another actress. At the time, I had been sharing ideas with internet writer Megan Myers, and I approached her for some suggestions. She enjoys creating a lot of damsel in distress type situations, usually revolving around a powerful woman who gets taken down a notch or two.

It did not take her long to type off the script for “Nice Girls Finish Last”. This story plays on the idea of an executive who has an unfortunate run-in with a sassy street punk named Rikki. The delinquent young woman is trying to escape some thugs, and she ends up forcing the executive lady to strip so that she can change into her clothes and get away. This is all done in a witty and amusing style, providing great snarky banter between the two characters.

Now with the screenplay in hand, I contacted Sativa to put her in the role of Miss Prescott (“Accountant Chick”, in the words of Rikki) and she was excited to help bring this production together. We even set up an initial casting call, which Sativa posted on her websites, in order to fill the opposite role. The two of us met with one less experienced young woman, but she was not right for the part. Sativa and I continued to rehearse as she wanted to have a good grasp of the character she was playing.

Then she happened to have a separate photo shoot with British model, Katy Cee. The two of them hit it off, and Sativa discussed this project with her. Again, we set up an informal rehearsal/casting session where I met with Katy for the first time. She was a lovely young woman with long blonde hair, although she would cut it off by the time we shot the video. I greatly enjoyed her British accent and thought she and Sativa displayed good chemistry. It was settled, and Katy would play the part of the troublesome Rikki.

Leading up to the shoot that would be in June, Sativa also communicated with Megan Myers to get a better feel for the script and to talk about wardrobe. Clothing selection was an import aspect of Megan’s writing and character development. Sativa was to dress in very conservative fashion, complete with frumpy jacket and skirt, hosiery, and an old fashion slip underneath. Sativa took care of picking up all the wardrobe items, including more of a punkish street style for Rikki, as well as other accessories.

Because we had rehearsed the script prior to shooting, and a good amount of planning went into this, the day of the shoot went fairly smooth. I think Sativa and Katy both gave fine acting performances. And it helped having polished dialogue with fun characters to work with. I still think this is probably the best written production since “Babysitting Without a Net”, and it certainly took a lot of inspiration from that film.

Another small but special moment from this video is the scene when Katy is changing into Sativa’s office clothes. I had faded out, and cut into her already stripped down, shooting her from behind. This was the first event where I featured two women naked on screen at the same time.

Above all, this project was a lot of fun. And because Sativa took such an active, hands-on role in making this happen, I credited her as Co-Producer. I wanted to make this as stylized as I could at the time, and worked on establishing shots, and the angles in which I framed each scene. When Rikki is first seen lurking about outside, I used an underlying heavy rock bass line, before cutting to the classical Piano Concerto No. 2 by Sergei Rachmaninoff for the introduction of Sativa’s character. Later on, I would use a second metal track by local band Liquid Overload for the final moments leading into the end credits.

This was also the first video that I had my Canon PowerShot still camera, which I used to captured the first two pictures above. The others are various video screen shots.

It was probably in the mid-90’s on that day in June, so after wrapping up the shoot, both Sativa and Katy took a quick jump in the pool. Oh, and they had not brought any swimsuits with them. Afterward, they went outside to dry off lying on some towels in the sun. I took the opportunity to capture a bonus video of the ladies chatting casually, both stark naked. Although I’m not entirely sure what Sativa was going on about, my mind was focused elsewhere.

Below is a link to download this rare 3 minute clip. It is completely extraneous from the main production.

Nice Girls Finish Last – Bonus Clip

The full finished video runs about 14 and a half minutes and is available at my Clips4Sale store.

16 responses to “Nice Girls Finish Last

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    • It’s interesting that in the year I worked with her, this was the only time I paired up Sativa with another actor. Not counting the Grimble Gang, of course.

    • Seconded! Have you worked with Myers’ in other stuff?

      Impressed by how much Savita did and glad you gave her due credit.

      • Megan sent me a couple of other scripts. I’ve been holding onto them for when the right time comes along. One of the scripts involves three actresses.

        She has done a lot of free-lance writing mostly for bondadge type videos. So to clarify, Megan is a writer of screenplays, not so much stories that one can find on the internet.

        However, I do have this link to a youtube video called “All Sales Final”, which was written by Megan.

        One of the reasons she started contacting me was to branch out into something a little different.

  2. It only occured to me after several viewings, but why would Katy Cee need to switch panties (other than the obvious reason of so we can see her naked)?


    • I looked through the script again. At one point, Katy’s character teases Sativa and says, “Hmmm… I love the scent of fresh girl.”

      Maybe she really wanted to try on Sativa’s panties?

      Otherwise, I think you’re right, I just wanted an excuse to have both ladies naked in that scene.

  3. I hope her attempts to branch out have been successful, she seems to be talented at screenwriting. The video is darker then I was expecting but found the dialog was very good and was surprised, in a good way, at the direction it took.

    • The genre she writes in does get pretty dark. My videos gave her a chance to explore a more humorous angle. I think the situations could be similar, but the characters seem to be a bit more playful and fun. Also, Magan has a great eye for detail, and really was trying to present the dynamic of how women can be catty and sniping at each other, especially over clothing or how one grooms herself. Maybe Elaine can weigh in on this?

      As for the actress in that youtube video I posted, she sure was cute. But I believe that production company was located down south, in Georgia.

      Megan once told me that many of the models who do bondage type work have no problem getting tied up, or knocked out, or all sorts of crazy things, But these same models would protest at doing full nudity.

      • Yeah, I suppose there is a similarity to the two genres but enf has more chance of being used for fun and comic stuff. I look forward to seeing more of Magan’s work if you use those scripts someday.

        The state or the country? 😛

        I can see that. If I had the choice, probably would take getting tied up and so on over being fully naked, really depends what a person is comfortable with. Or less uncomfortable with.

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  5. Maybe it’s just me, but the Sativa videos don’t do it for me. I feel like she comes off as much older than she is, and there’s very little appeal there. I see you’ve worked with her a lot though. What made you, personally, bring her back for multiple videos?

    • As I stated in my initial post about Sativa Verte back in March, I think she’s the most gorgeous woman I’v worked with. She is Italian, with dark curly hair and a great smile. Her body is flawless.

      But aside from physical attributes, Sativa is funny and a lot of fun to work with. Very creative and she always was enthusiastic about each project. It’s been pretty well documented upon the release of those videos from a few years ago, that viewers loved her style of acting. She still remains a fan favorite.

      However, like you said, people have different tastes. Different strokes for different folks, and all that.

    • Hi Todd,

      No, because the shoes Sativa was wearing did not fit Katy. So I think I did a quick cut, and then never showed her character’s feet after that.

      This is mentioned, I believe, in the outtakes video, which is not uploaded here.

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