Last September I had the opportunity to bring back Lydia Lael and Tara Rose for their second video. We had a very encouraging response from our first production Jenna at the Beach so I was eager to work with these two young women again.

For a story, I decided to try to work off the characters of Lauren and Jessie, which I have posted about before. This video would not be a strict interpretation, but follow the general idea of one girl having fun at the other’s expense. I liked the role that Tara had played the first time around, as the one who bears the brunt of the embarrassment, so I cast her as the unfortunate Lauren. Lydia would get to be Jessie, and display her more devious side.

The set-up involved Lauren being a Cheerleader who makes a bet with a girl from her rival school about the big Homecoming game. It was a simple wager: the loser would have to do whatever the other girl said. The details were not specified. Apparently, anything goes.

Opening up with Lauren practicing her cheer routine by bouncing on an indoor trampoline, Jessie soon arrives on the scene to remind her of the bet. Of course, Lauren’s school had lost the game, and Jessie is all too happy to fulfill the terms they agreed upon. Thus starts the first of a series of humiliating activities for Lauren.

I introduced my old video camera as a prop, but also to add to the embarrassment of Lauren’s situation. After all, if she was only doing these things in front of Jessie, that would not be so bad. So Lydia’s character made sure to capture it all on tape. She starts off by making Lauren bounce up and down on the trampoline topless, eventually making her strip all the way nude. After this, Jessie makes her rival go for a short walk through the neighborhood. When the girls return home, Lauren is given a playful over the knee spanking.

Satisfied, Jessie has Tara’s character stand in the corner. Here, I decided to add a little twist. Lydia proceeds to get on the trampoline and try it out for herself. She gets carried away, having so much fun, that she strips off her own clothes as she is jumping up on down.

Lauren takes advantage of this sudden vulnerability, and grabs Jessie by the arm, dragging her across the room and tossing her out of the house stark naked.

This was such a sudden reversal of fortunes and moment of triumph for Lauren, I had to go with a pumped up version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major played on electric guitar, for the end credits.

As for the introduction to the video, I went with a more classical flavor using Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: Autumn. Since we were shooting this in mid-September, the Fall was just around the corner.

Below is a link to download the 5 minute clip of outtakes. I started out the preview with a slow motion sequence of Lydia and Tara each using the trampoline fully nude, this time going with the more traditional soothing strings of Pachelbel’s Canon.

During the shoot, we drove out a few blocks down from the house, which was probably not the best area to film the outdoor sequence. It was about 7:00 pm on a Thursday, and there was the risk of traffic even on a side street. The location itself was a friend’s apartment I was able to use. Unfortunately, I could not do much with the final scene when Lydia gets locked outside, at least without drawing too much attention.

Visually, I thought Tara looked cute with her hair in pigtails, which I also thought helped with the whole cheerleader persona. And Lydia had a pretty cute outfit with a nice black beret.

Cheerleader – Outtakes

The full video is about 17 minutes, and available in 2 parts at my Clips4Sale store.

13 responses to “Cheerleader

  1. Ah yes, I remember the beret. Also the trampoline but for very different reasons.

    With hindsight, think the pony tails were a good way of making Tara seem like a young cheerleader. Fun video

    • That was a small exercise trampoline that I brought with me. Every now and then, I like to add little touches in order to make a video unique and special. Such as Lydia and Tara bouncing up and down without any clothes on…

      Funny thing about Tara’s look and costume, I couldn’t find any pom-poms at the local retail stores to complete the outfit. For future reference, I should probably have ordered from a sporting goods store ahead of time.

      • The fact that you could hope to find pom-poms in a local retail store seems so weird to an Englishman like me. Then again, cheerleaders are a much bigger thing over there.

        pom-poms would have been nice and would be nice for a future cheerleader comp.

    • I think any time we leave the privacy and seclusion of an indoor location, and venture out into a public setting, there is always risk.

      Definitely, that spot with Lydia and Tara was probably the busiest area and during a time of day with a lot of traffic nearby. However, I had Tara ducking behind trees and my car was close by. I think having Lydia there, fully clothed, made me feel more comfortable as she could also be a look out.

      I do think the ending of “The Wine Tasting” was also pretty risky, as Sativa had to run through the building and then outside in bright broad daylight. Yes, the building appeared to be empty, but I was not sure if someone might walk in. In that situation, I didn’t bring a towel or anything. By the time she was streaking around the corner, if anyone had caught us, there would be no where to hide and a lot of explaining to do!

      I also have to mention Aphrodite in my video from May. I know I picked a quiet Sunday afteroon in order to minimize the risk, but again there is that element of what could happen. I mean she was butt-naked on a school playground, which people could have stopped by at anytime that afternoon.

      But I think it is probably a tie between “Cheerleader” and “The Wine Tasting”.

    • I should probably spend more time when I write about that aspect of my videos. It is very important to me. My college background is in music, and I used to be in a band back in the day.

      If I was ever going to do something creative with my life, I wanted music to be a part of it.

      I do appreciate when people recognize and enjoy the various selections, and even better when the soundtrack happens to fit the story!

      • So you have the motivation and the education to create the music for your own videos? Why settle for Pachelbel (who never saw any of your excellent videos anyway) ? 🙂

  2. Peanuth,

    I’d like to think Johann Pachelbel would appreciate what I’ve done with his work!

    As far as me composing my own music for my videos, honestly, I don’t have the time or the proper studio setup to get involved with that.

    I do enjoy original compositions, so I would definitely like to see what else you might come up with to include in future productions. I hope you received my last e-mail, probably while you were on holiday.


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    • Hi David,

      Thank you for your message and the link to Carly’s Model Mayham profile. She is very pretty, I would love to work with her.

      I will try to reach out to Carly and see if she would be interested in this kind of video/photography.

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