Quote of the Day

“I want to stay, I really do, so… I’ll take off my clothes.”

~Sativa Verte in Salad Au Natural

What I enjoyed about this line is immediately afterward, Sativa gives this eyeroll that communicates so much without any spoken words. Like she’s thinking to herself, “This is crazy, I can’t believe I’m doing this”. One of her natural talents is how expressive she is both with her face and body language.

The fun part is that despite her character agreeing to the terms of the restaurant, at first Sativa plays innocent. She  takes off her shirt only, and asks if that is all. Then she strips down to bra and panties, still coyly asking “is this good enough?” But the chef insists she go all the way, even chiding her for not understanding the rules, and makes Sativa take her socks off as well until she is indeed au natural!


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